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Jan 1, 1970 | 12:00 a.m. EST

Jan 1, 1970 | 12:00 a.m. EST

Jan 1, 1970 | 12:00 a.m. EST

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Green Summit
The Year of Going Green:  New York Green Summit

The Year of Going Green: New York Green Summit

The SACC New York Green Summit will serve as host to a great concentration of creativity, commitment and ability. A series of panels will consider clean power generation, sustainable development, market based approaches to carbon reduction.

Generously hosted by: Citi at Citi Headquarter, Park Avenue New York City.

Welcoming Remarks

Michael Corbat, Managing Director & Head of the Global Corporate & Commercial Bank, Citi

Summit Introduction

Steve Trygg, Chairman, SACC New York Special Projects
Mats Lederhausen, Summit Chairman

Opening Remarks

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Why We Can't Sustain the Unsustainable

Professor Amory Lovins, Chairman & Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain institute
Professor Christian Azar, Chalmers University of Technology
Q & A Moderator: Bo Ekman, Founder & Chairman, Tällberg Foundation

Do the Law Makers Dare Lay Down the Law?

Ambassador Michael M. Wood, U.S. Ambassador to Sweden
The Honorable Alexander A. Karsner, (Immediate Past) Assistant Secretary,
U.S. Department of Energy
Q & A Moderator: Andrew Frank, Senior Partner, Kreab Group

Can the Swedish Experience Convert Hype to Hope? And When Oil is at $200 a Barrel?

Fredrik Arp, President & CEO, Volvo Cars
Mats Jansson, President & CEO, SAS Group
Jan Åke Jonsson, Managing Director, Saab Automobile
Dennis Slagle, President & CEO, Mack Trucks
Q & A Moderator: Mike Schneider, Host "Night Talk" Bloomberg Television

Green Luncheon

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Hans Enocson, National Executive, GE Nordic Region
Lawrence O'Donnell III, President & COO, Waste Management
Carl-Henric Svanberg, President & CEO, Ericsson
Q & A Moderator: Bruce Nussbaum, Assistant Managing Editor, BusinessWeek

Green is Still the Color of Money, Right?

Elizabeth Heider, Senior Vice President Preconstruction, Skanska USA
Jan Johansson, President & CEO, SCA
Bob Shapard, Chairman & CEO, Oncor
Q & A Moderator: Bruce Nussbaum

Astronomers Say There are No Green Stars — We Beg to Differ

Joel Bleth, President & CEO, SolarBee
Michael Caridi, COO, Perf Go Green Holdings
André Heinz, Co-Founder, Sustainable Technologies Fund
Angelica Hull, Managing Director, Swedish Biofuels AB
Q & A Moderator: Bruce Nussbaum

Talk is Cheap — Time to Take Action

Ambassador Michael M. Wood
Michael Corbat
Stuart Graham, Chairman, Skanska USA
Lars G. Josefsson, President & CEO, Vattenfall
Q & A Moderator: Bruce Nussbaum

Concluding Remarks

Mats Lederhausen

The Year of Going Green: New York Green Summit

The SACC New York Green Summit will serve as host to a great concentration of creativity, commitment and ability. A series of panels will consider clean power generation, sustainable development, market based approaches to carbon reduction.


Ambassador Michael D. Wood, U.S. Ambassador to Sweden
Ambassador Jonas Hafström, Ambassador of Sweden to the U.S.
Stuart Graham, Chairman, Skanska USA
Lars G. Josefsson, President & CEO, Vattenfall

Chairman SACC New York Special Projects

Steve Trygg, Co-Founder Anderson & Lembke


Bo Ekman, Founder and Chairman
Andrew Frank, Senior Partner, Kreab Group
Bruce Nussbaum, Assistant Managing Editor, BusinessWeek
Mike Schneider, Host Night Talk Bloomberg Television


H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden


Fredrik Arp, President & CEO, Volvo Cars
Professor Christian Azar, Chalmers University of Technology
Joel Bleth, President & CEO, SolarBee
Michael Caridi, COO, Perf Go Green Holdings
Michael Corbat, Managing Director & Head of the Global Corporate & Commercial Bank Citi
Hans Enocson, National Executive, GE Nordic Region
Elizabeth Heider, Senior Vice President Preconstruction, Skanska USA
Andre Heinz, Co-Founder, Sustainable Technologies Fund
Mats Jansson, President & CEO, SAS Group
Jan Johansson, President & CEO, SCA
Jan Ã…ke Jonsson, Managing Director, Saab Automobile
Honorable Alexander A. Karsner, (Immediate past) Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy
Professor Amory Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute
Lawrence O'Donnell III, President & COO, Waste Management
Bob Shapard, Chairman & CEO, Oncor
Dennis Slagle, President & CEO, Mack Trucks
Carl-Henric Svanberg, President & CEO, Ericsson

Summit Chairman

Mats Lederhausen, Founder Be-Cause LLC

  • In the United States, Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries have 45,000 professionals with a single focus: serving their clients and helping them solve their toughest problems. They work in four key business areas — audit, financial advisory, tax and consulting.

  • ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

  • Citi is an American multinational financial services company based in New York City and has the world\'s largest financial services network, spanning 140 countries with approximately 16,000 offices worldwide.

  • SCA is a global hygiene and paper company that develops and produces personal care products, tissue, packaging solutions and forest products. SCA has sales in more than 100 countries under many strong brands.

  • Volvo Group North America is the corporate office that provides Group Representation, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications for North America.

  • Perf Go Green, Holdings Inc. is a New York-based biodegradable plastics company. The corporate name reflects the \\\"Go Green\\\" mission from inception to create a Green company for the development of eco-friendly, non-toxic, food contact compliant, biodegradable plastic products as a practical and viable solution to eliminating plastic waste from the world environment.

  • Saab Automobiles is a car manufacturer and has since its inception been known for innovation, pioneering significant advancements in ergonomics, green technology, safety and turbo charging.

  • Scandinavian Airlines is the flag carrier of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and the largest airline in Scandinavia. The airline operates 198 aircrafts to 176 destinations in more than 30 countries.

  • Vattenfall is one of Europe\'s leading energy companies wholly owned by the Swedish government. Their vision is to create a strong and diversified European energy portfolio with sustainable and increased profits, significant growth options and will be among the leaders in developing environmentally sustainable energy production.

  • The Volvo Car Corporation is one of the car industry\'s strongest brands, with a long and proud history of world-leading innovations. Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Gustaf Larson and Assar Gabrielsson, the first car left the factory on 14 April, 1927.

  • The General Electric Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York. The Company operates through five segments: Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, Capital Finance and Consumer & Industrial.

  • SEB is one of Europe’s leading banks. Their success builds on innovative thinking, an international presence and strong, long-term relationships and has done so for more than 150 years.

  • SolarBee\'s award-winning and patented solar-powered long-distance circulation technology is a significant breakthrough in solving the world\'s water quality problems, naturally. SolarBee\'s in-water-body circulation and treatment can be applied to Lakes, Raw Water Reservoirs, Potable Water Storage Tanks, and other water bodies.

The Year of Going Green: New York Green Summit

There were no discussions for the 2008 program.

In his role as U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, Ambassador Michael M. Wood has fostered cooperation between the U.S. and Sweden in developing alternative energy technology. Since his appointment to the position of U.S. Ambassador in 2006, Ambassador Wood has visited all 21 counties in Sweden identifying alternative energy companies that can benefit from cooperation with American venture capital and research institutions, and is currently working with 48 firms. Ambassador Wood is the former CEO and founder of Hanley Wood, LLC, one of the largest business-to-business media companies in the U.S. In 2005, Ambassador Wood and his partners sold Hanley Wood to J.P. Morgan Partners, but he maintains a seat on the board of the company. In 2005, Ambassador Wood also formed Redwood Investments, LLC, an investment company specializing in media and real estate. Ambassador Wood earned a B.A. from Yale University, where he was a fraternity brother of President George W. Bush.

Ambassador Jonas Hafström has served as Ambassador of Sweden to the U.S. since 2007. Previously, he held the positions of Ambassador of Sweden to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma. His latest post marks Ambassador Hafström’s second assignment in Washington, D.C., having served as First Secretary at the Embassy of Sweden in 1984. He brings significant political experience to his post. From 1994 to 2000, Ambassador Hafström served as Foreign Policy Advisor to the Chairman of the Moderate Party, Carl Bildt. He has also worked as Head of the Department for Consular Affairs and Civil Law at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Hafström is the recipient of the 2005 Jonas Weiss Memorial Award and of the 2008 The Seraphim Medal by His Majesty the King. Ambassador Hafström holds a law degree from the University of Lund.

In April 2008, Stuart Graham was elected Chairman of Skanska USA. Previously, Mr. Graham had served for six years as President and CEO of Skanska. Mr. Graham has worked with the Swedish construction company since 2001, when he was appointed Executive Vice President of Skanska AB, overseeing business units in the U.S., Hong Kong, South America, and England, while serving as a member of the company’s Senior Executive Team. Mr. Graham, who is known for streamlining business and increasing profits, began his business career in 1969 as an Assistant Field Superintendent for Sordoni Construction Company. By 1990, when Sordoni was acquired by Skanska, Mr. Graham had risen to become its President. Mr. Graham has also served as Chairman of the Engineering and Construction Governor’s Council of the World Economic Forum, and is the founder of the Engineering and Construction Risk Institute. He is currently a board member of Securitas AB and the PPL Corporation.

Lars G. Josefsson is President and CEO of Vattenfall. In the past, he has held management positions at Ericsson, Schrack Telecom AG in Vienna and Celsius AB. Mr. Josefsson also serves on the board of Eskom Holdings Ltd. in Johannesburg. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Military Academy and the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences. He serves on Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Sustainability Commission, and holds several patents in the field of radar technology. Mr. Josefsson holds a degree in technical physics from the Chalmers Institute of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden.

Steve Trygg is co-founder of Anderson & Lembke, a $300 million advertising agency that specializes in business-to-business advertising for information-technology marketers. Under Mr. Trygg’s leadership between 1982 and 1995, the agency grew from a boutique shop in Stamford, Connecticut, to an international corporation with offices in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. Mr. Trygg sold the company to InterPublic in 1995. Today, Mr. Trygg divides his time between Sweden and the U.S., working as a business-to-business advertising and brand consultant, and serves on the boards of many Swedish and American companies and organizations. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Trygg has been the recipient of more than 200 American and international advertising awards, including election to the Wall Street Journal’s “Creative Leaders” Advertising Hall of Fame.

Bo Ekman is founder and Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, an international not-for-profit organization that works to promote global peace through holistic training. Mr. Ekman is also an associated advisor at Tällberg Advisors AB, a consulting firm that specializes in business environment analysis. Previously, Mr. Ekman has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Sifo Management Group, and sat on the management boards of Volvo and of Volvo North America. He is the founder of SMG North America, a consulting company based in San Francisco. Mr. Ekman has served as an advisor to former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and was the Chief Architect behind the Roundtable of European Industrialists in the 1980s. Today, Mr. Ekman is an active advisor to boards of directors and top managers in the fields of business environment analysis, strategic development, innovation, and change management across the globe.

Andrew Frank is a senior partner with the Kreab Group, a strategic communications consultancy that specializes in corporate and financial communication and public affairs. Mr. Frank is a consultant helping technology, industrial, and financial companies with regulatory issues and litigation. Before joining the Kreab Group in 1997, Mr. Frank worked as managing director of the U.S. Information Agency’s New York Foreign Press Center. In 1993, he served as a spokesperson for the Clinton administration at the U.N. Human Rights Conference in Vienna. He worked as the media coordinator during the reinstatement of Haiti’s democratically elected government in 1994, and as the media coordinator for the G-8 Summit in Denver in 1997. Mr. Frank’s work promoting democracy has taken him to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and the Ukraine. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He holds a B.A. from George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Bruce Nussbaum is Assistant Managing Editor in charge of BusinessWeek’s innovation and design coverage. In 2005, he was named one of the 40 most powerful people in design by I.D. Magazine. He has received the Bronze Apple and Personal Recognition Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America and has written extensively on innovation and design. His most recent cover stories include Get Creative!, The Best Product Design, 2005 Award Winners, and The Power of Design. From 1993 to 2004, Nussbaum was editorial page editor and commentator on economic and social issues. He is the author of “The World After Oil: The Shifting Axis of Power and Wealth,” and “Good Intentions,” an inside look at AIDS medical research. His essays have appeared in The Best Business Stories of the Year 2002 and The Best American Political Writing 2004. Nussbaum served as Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines and is on the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mike Schneider is the creator and host of “Night Talk” on Bloomberg Television, a one hour prime time talk show, broadcast throughout the U.S. and internationally, featuring political and corporate leaders, prominent authors and scholars, and world famous athletes and entertainers. Mr. Schneider is also an award-winning journalist, who moderated the 1988 Presidential Debate in New York, and has interviewed every American President since Gerald Ford. Before joining Bloomberg, he served as news anchor on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” hosted NBC’s “Weekend Today” program, and was national political correspondent and news anchor for FOX News. He is also the anchor of Bloomberg TV’s “Evening Edition” and the host of the soon to be launched “Venture”, a show focusing on entrepreneurs.

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s passion for protecting nature dates back to his childhood days. Today, The King is a true example of how personal interest together with a professional approach can foster real change. From dramatically reducing his own carbon footprint to spreading the message across the globe.

Fredrik Arp has served as President and CEO of Volvo Cars since 2005. Before joining Volvo Cars, Mr. Arp was President and CEO of the global industrial group Trelleborg AB. Mr. Arp has been involved in marketing and finance on the international business scene for almost 30 years, and has served as President and CEO of several publicly listed companies for the past decade. His areas of expertise include consumer and durable goods, as well as industrial products. Mr. Arp has also served on the boards of more than ten companies in the fields of industry, media, and medical technology. He is currently the Chairman of the board of the auto parts company Thule AB, and serves on the board of Hilding Anders, the largest bed manufacturing group in Europe. Mr. Arp earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Lund, Sweden, and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Economics from the same university.

Christian Azar is Professor of Energy and Environment at the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His work focuses on climate change mitigation strategies. In addition to publishing hundreds of scientific papers on energy, climate change, and the environment, Mr. Azar is a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In 2006, Mr. Azar served under former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson on a commission against oil dependency. Last year, he served on the Swedish government’s Scientific Council on Climate Change, and he has worked as an advisor to EU Commissioner for the Environment, Margot Wallström. Mr. Azar is currently a member of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Sustainability Commission.

Joel Bleth is the President of SolarBee, Inc., a company based in Dickinson, North Dakota, which is considered a world leader in improving reservoir water quality. Mr. Bleth has spent decades conducting laboratory research on water quality improvement sciences, and in 2001 developed the long distance circulation machine for large bodies of water. The SolarBee machine, which eliminates harmful algal blooms in lakes without the use of chemicals and keeps potable water fresh, is operating in 10 countries worldwide, and in all 50 U.S. states. In 2008, Mr. Bleth, and his business partner, Willard Tormaschy, were named North Dakota Entrepreneurs of the Year. Mr. Beth holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a Law Degree from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.

Michael Caridi is the chairman of the MAJIC Development Group. His business endeavors include residential construction and development, concrete and asphalt operations, as well as ground-up commercial construction for Fortune 500 companies. MAJIC Development Group has been at the helm of more than a dozen multi-million dollar projects in New York. Mr. Caridi has received accolades and awards from the Community Mayors of New York State and a Humanitarian Affairs Award from the Brooklyn Law School.

Michael Corbat is Managing Director and Head of the Global Corporate Bank and Global Commercial Bank at Citi, a major financial services company based in New York. Mr. Corbat, who is a member of the board of SACC New York, works to provide financial services to top-tier multinational corporations and financial institutions around the world. Mr. Corbat joined Salomon Brothers, a Citi legacy firm, in 1983 in the Fixed Income Sales Department in Atlanta. In his consulting role, Mr. Corbat has successfully guided clients grappling with significant challenges, such as the bankruptcy of Orange County, California, to sovereign debt restructurings in Ecuador and Uruguay, to being actively involved with many of the activities surrounding the world’s largest companies. Born in Bristol, Connecticut, Mr. Corbat earned a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University in 1983.

Hans Enocson is National Executive for the Nordic and Baltic Region of General Electric. Mr. Enocson has more than 15 years experience in leading management positions at both General Electric and Pharmacia, a pharmaceutical company based in Sweden, where he worked as a division manager for 10 years. As a consultant with the leading Swedish consulting firm InterPares, Mr. Enocson has also assisted companies such as SurfKitchen and Selligent with management consulting and market penetration strategies for the Nordic countries.

Elizabeth Heider is founder and Chairman of the Green Council at Skanska USA Building, which leads the construction company’s “green” capabilities nationwide. In her long career in construction, Ms. Heider has experience that covers all phases of design and construction. Over the past 29 years, Ms. Heider has worked as architect, construction manager, cost manager, and value engineering facilitator. She has completed federal policy studies exploring workplace productivity, security, and the cost of LEED-certified construction. Ms. Heider also sits on the Board of Directors of the Construction Sciences Research Foundation. She earned a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Virginia.

André Heinz is an American environmentalist and the founder of Sustainable Technology Capital, a private equity management firm that focuses on Nordic Cleantech. Mr. Heinz, the son of Theresa Heinz Kerry and the stepson of Senator John Kerry, has been active in sustainable development in Sweden and the U.S. for over a decade. In 1995, he co-founded in the first U.S. office of The Natural Step, a Swedish-based not-for-profit organization that specializes in education and consulting on sustainable development. In 2004, he worked as a surrogate spokesperson on environmental policy for Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign. Mr. Heinz holds a Master’s Degree in environmental management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies. He sits on the board of the Heinz Endowments, one of the 50 largest foundations in the country, where he oversees a $1.5 billion endowment.

In 2007, Mats Jansson was named President and CEO of the SAS Group, the Nordic region’s largest airline and travel group, which serves more than 36 million travelers annually. Prior to joining the SAS Group, Mr. Jansson had been President and CEO of a large number of major companies with Nordic and international operations, including Catena/Bilia, Fazer, and Axfood AB, a Swedish food importer. One of his personal achievements is having finished the New York City Marathon three times. Mr. Jansson studied economics and sociology at the University of Örebro.

Jan Johansson is President and CEO of SCA, the global consumer goods and paper company. Previously, Mr. Johansson served as President and CEO of Boliden, a mining and metals company, and held management positions within the Telia, a telecommunications group, Vattenfall and Shell. Throughout his career, Mr. Johansson has fought to promote more women to management positions and for his efforts was named “Man Against the Stream 2008” by the Swedish business weekly, Veckans Affärer. Mr. Johansson holds a Master of Law degree from Stockholm University.

Jan Åke Jonsson is Managing Director of Saab Automobile. Since joining the company in 1973, Mr. Jonsson has gained a wide perspective of the global automotive business. He has held key positions in many areas within Saab Automobile and General Motors Europe, including sales and marketing, customer satisfaction, and management of vehicle lines and business units. Mr. Jonsson graduated from the Linköping Institute of Technology and Uppsala University with a degree in Business Administration and Information Systems.

In the role of Assistant Secretary in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the federal government, Alexander Karsner managed the nation’s $1.72 billion applied science, research, development, and deployment portfolio. Mr. Karsner has been touted in the mainstream media as President Bush’s “Green Energy Man” for his role overseeing federal energy management and efficient use of the country’s energy codes, and he is a principal contributor at international climate change deliberations. Before coming to public office, he worked in the private sector as an energy developer and entrepreneur. Mr. Karsner holds an M.A. from Hong Kong University, and a B.A. from Rice University.

Amory Lovins is Chairman and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute, a recipient of the 1993 MacArthur Fellowship, and the Chairman Emeritus of Fiberforge, a technology company. Professor Lovins, who also advises governments and major firms worldwide on resource efficiency, is the inventor of the ultra-energy-efficient Hypercar. He also helps design “green” buildings that use no net energy at a comparable or lower cost. Professor Lovins, who has published 29 books and hundreds of papers on renewable energy and energy efficiency, is the recipient of ten honorary doctorate degrees. He has also received the World Technology Award, the Right Livelihood Award, and is an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects, among other accolades. He is also a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Professor Lovins studied physics at Harvard University and then Magdalen College in Oxford. He received an M.A. from Merton College at Oxford in 1971.

Lawrence O’Donnell, III is President and COO of Waste Management, Inc., a Fortune 200 company based in Houston, Texas, with 45,000 employees and revenues of about $13.5 billion. Before joining Waste Management in 2000, Mr. O’Donnell worked as the Vice President and General Counsel of Baker Hughes Inc., an oil and gas services company. Mr. O’Donnell is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. In 2004, he was appointed to the Texas Energy Planning Council by Texas Governor Rick Perry. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a J.D. from the University of Houston School of Law.

Bob Shapard is Chairman and CEO of Oncor Electric Delivery, a Texas-based company that provides power to more than 3 million electric deliver points in the U.S. In the past, Mr. Shapard has served as Chief Financial Officer of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, where he oversaw all financial activities for Tenet and its subsidiaries. He also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Exelon Corporation, one of the largest electricity generators and utility operators in the U.S. Mr. Shapard holds a B.A. in Accounting from Texas Technology University.

In April 2008, Dennis Slagle was named President and CEO of Mack Trucks, a Volvo subsidiary that is one of North America’s largest producers of heavy-duty trucks. Mr. Slagle was President and CEO of Volvo Construction Equipment North America, headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, from 2003 until his current position, and has under his belt more than 25 years of experience in the North American construction equipment industry. At Volvo, Mr. Slagle has worked as senior vice president, marketing and business development, and senior vice president, finance and business development. In 2002, Mr. Slagle left Volvo to become president of L.B. Smith, the company’s largest equipment dealership at the time. He returned to Volvo Construction Equipment North America in 2003 to become President and CEO. Mr. Slagle earned his B.S. from West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Carl-Henric Svanberg is President and CEO of Ericsson, the world-leading supplier in telecommunications. Before joining the company in 2003, he was President and CEO of the Assa Abloy Group, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of locks. Mr. Svanberg was also First Executive Vice President for the Securitas Group, a global security company. Mr. Svanberg holds an M.Sc. from the Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a B.S. in Business Administration from Uppsala University, Sweden. Mr. Svanberg holds honorary doctorates at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden and Linköping University of Technology, Sweden.

Mats Lederhausen is founder, Chairman and CEO of BE-CAUSE LLC, a growth investor focused on building businesses with a purpose bigger than their product. Mr. Lederhausen started the company in 2007, after a long career as a senior executive with the McDonald’s Corporation. In his new role, Mr. Lederhausen works with large companies in the areas of corporate social responsibility, corporate reputation, innovation and strategy. Before founding BE-CAUSE, Mr. Lederhausen served as lead director of Chipotle Mexican Grill between 2000 and 2006, where he played a significant role in one of the most successful restaurant IPOs of all time. In 2000, the World Economic Forum honored Mr. Lederhausen as a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” and in 2004, he was awarded The Environmental Leadership Award in Sweden. Mr. Lederhausen serves as Chairman of the board for the not-for-profit Business for Social Responsibility and serves on the board of trustees of Ronald McDonald House Charities. He earned a Master’s degree from the Stockholm School of Economics in 1988.

Partnership Opportunities

With planning underway for this year's Green Initiative, From Farm to Fork 3, focusing on the future of the food chain, we decided to set the bar ambitiously high.

The Summit will address complex problems with innovative solutions, promising attendees limitless possibilities and vital new partnerships. The day-long Summit will bring together companies at the forefront of sustainable technology, academics at the center of groundbreaking research and investors at the helm of venture capital that have realized the challenges but also the opportunities within this global and critical issue.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and welcoming you as a partner!

Please contact Jennie Purushothaman for further information.

T: +1 212 838 5530

570 Lexington Avenue, 20th Floor New York, NY 10022 Tel +1 212 838 5530