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Nov 20, 2017 |

Nov 20, 2017 |


What Our Participants Say About the Program

“I participate as a mentor in three to four different mentor programs each year, and I truly think that the SACC Mentor Program is the best on the market.”

Kerstin Lindberg-Göransson, CEO, Akademiska Hus
Mentor, Stockholm 2013

“The SACC New York Mentor Program gave me an opportunity to meet, listen to and discuss with a number of interesting, talented and professional women. This applied both to mentors and mentees. The contact with my mentee developed both her and me during the year, and I looked forward to our meetings with joy.”

Kristina Lindhe, Founder & CEO, Lexington Company
Mentor, Stockholm 2013

“The SACCNY mentor program gave me a fantastic opportunity to reflect on my current working situation and context in order to identify future opportunities given who I am and the company I am working for. The program offered discussions and sessions around important topics and I had the luxury of having a successful and insightful woman as mentor together with the meetings where I could meet and exchange ideas with all the mentors that participated. I also got a great network of mentees being other women with similar challenges yet from a broad range of industries and I still have contact with several of them. The program was influenced by joy, ambition and creativity and has nurtured my professional path as well as my own journey as a person. The program has a thought through structure and content that enables every participant to end the program with more tools, more insights and more confidence for the opportunities awaiting. ”

Christina Åqvist, Country Manager, ELFA
Mentee, Stockholm 2009

“The SACCNY mentor program has been a tremendous experience. Not only due to the privilege of having a dedicated and knowledgeable mentor for a full year, but also due to the mentor program itself and its community, which consists of so many inspiring and proficient people. ”

Emelie Jarnesten, Global Corporate Client Group, NASDAQ OMX
Mentee, Stockholm 2012

“The SACC Mentor Program has been an invigorating professional experience. The lectures on interesting business and career topics have been rewarding. The discussions and workshops with mentees and mentors have added to my world of ideas. Also, the continuous contacts with my mentee have given the joyful satisfaction of being a partner in dialogue, with another woman working on reaching her professional goals.”

Unni Jerndal, Head of Communications, Swedish National Debt Office
Mentor, Stockholm 2011, 2012 & 2013

“I think the program is really rewarding. I have now been in the SACC New York Mentor Program for three years which means I have met three great, capable, interesting, and ambitious women. All of them have had challenges, but of completely different kinds, and it is so obvious what strengths they have and shall use. The meetings with them have given me a lot to think about and to reflect on my own experiences and my own life. Apart from those more intimate meetings, it has been great to meet all the other mentors and mentees in the different gatherings we have had during the years.”

Cecilia Versteegh, Senior Vice President, Bonver
Mentor, Stockholm 2008 & 2009

“The mentor program has been very rewarding. I have very much appreciated the meetings with my mentor and the inspiring discussions we have had. The topics in group sessions regarding leadership and personal development have been a good starting point for further discussions and a tool that I can use in my career planning. Via the mentor program I have also extended my network and I value the peer-group meetings we had where we could talk about our challenges as young leaders, share experiences, and give each other advice.”

Linda Corneliusson, Authorized Public Accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Mentee, Stockholm 2010

“I feel that the program allowed me to really spread my wings and learn about industries and leadership in a completely different way. I enjoyed listening and learning from my peers, the other mentees, and from the advisers - the mentors. The program gave me a new set of skills that added to my confidence as an individual entering the business world. My mentor believed in co-mentorship and allowed me to share my insights into her questions about my generation and what we find important. This relationship we formed was one of the most important relationships I have formed over the years both personally and professionally.”

Sarah S. Shaikh, Associate Financial Analyst, Time Inc.
Mentee, New York 2008

“The SACC New York Mentor Program offers an expansive program of professional development for young women...and unique insight and creative opportunities for the seasoned executive.”

Yvonne Ericson, Owner, Ericson Associates LLC
Mentor, New York 2008 & 2009

“It has been a great opportunity to reflect over my own career and future development. The program also gives an opportunity to learn how other successful women are managing their careers, family, and business opportunities”

Anita Karlsson-Dion, Vice President, Finance and Operations, IBM
Mentor, New York 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

“It is incredibly rewarding to feel that one is helpful to someone else in developing their career. I have been part of mentoring efforts in the past that lose steam after a few months. Instead, the design of this program made the sessions get increasingly meaningful as people got to know each other better.”

Cathinka Wahlström, Managing Director, Accenture
Mentor, New York 2007 & 2010

“I found this experience absolutely fantastic and inspiring in so many ways. I would recommend it to anyone interested in growing professionally.”

Marie-Louise Adlercreutz, Conference Director, IQPC
Mentee, New York 2007

“I have really gained a lot of insights. Getting to know so many women in senior roles both as mentees and mentors - and on a professional and personal level - has been great and valuable.”

Angelica Wadeborn, Head of Marketing, Marsh & McLennan Co.
Mentee, New York 2007

“I gained a lot of insight about myself, about my strengths and weaknesses. I also got help in organizing myself at work and in delegating in better ways. I now have less stress at my work.”

Helena Andersson, Planning and Reporting Mgr, Schering+Plough
Mentee, Stockholm 2007

“The program broadened my perspective on my career and thought processes, as well as on my demands and expectations. It is an exceptional opportunity to have uniquely in-depth discussions.”

Susanna Francke, Brand Manager, Pfizer AB
Mentee, Stockholm 2007

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