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Information Booklets

SACC New York annually teams up with some of the most prominent and experienced law-firms, consulting organizations, innovators and frontrunners of different fields to put together relevant hands-on information to our members and friends.

Besides providing information on key business issues, our Information Booklets serve as marketing tools for the companies involved in their production. All our booklets are available, free of charge. To get a copy or if your company is interested in contributing to our Information Booklet series, please contact Fredrik.bergströ

  • The Essentials of Importing and Exporting into the United States

    Importing goods to the United States is remarkably easy. However, it is essential that importers familiarize themselves with the legal requirements regarding imports to minimize the risk of penalties – which are often far in excess of any duty loss to the Government – and ensure that the import is at the lowest possible cost. This booklet outlines the essential processes of both importing into the United States, and exporting from it. It will give the importer and exporter an idea of what it should be doing in order to be in compliance with the laws, and to be in a position to utilize the laws in a favorable way.

    Published and produced by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. in cooperation with The Law Office of Sidney N. Weiss

    Download the Booklet

  • Immigration Issues: Planning to Work in the U.S.

    From the recent college graduate seeking her first real job to the investor planning a new business to the seasoned corporate manager transferring to an executive position, each foreign national moving to the U.S. will follow a different path to attain authorized work status.

    It might be L-1A status, or H-1B status, or an E-2 visa. Which one to choose? Who is eligible? How to qualify? How long does it take? How to obtain a green card? When can I become a citizen?

    To assist Swedish citizens to work in the U.S., we are, in cooperation with Nixon Peabody, presenting an overview of the most common work categories, eligibility criteria and the application process, together with other information pertinent to foreign nationals.

    Download the Booklet

  • “Start-Up Guide for Foreign Employers in the United States” is written in cooperation with Littler Mendelson, P.C.

    The Start-Up Guide is designed to present the basic knowledge necessary to understand the broad contours of U.S. employment law perils and resources. The focus is on foreign companies doing business in the U.S. that face a different labor and employment law system.

    Download the Booklet

  • So, you want to bring your business to America? A Primer on Entity Choice, and Other Important Business Consideration

    "So, you want to bring your business to America?" A Primer on Entity Choice, and Other Important Business Consideration is written in cooperation with Nixon Peabody, LLP

    This booklet provides an executive summary of some of the legal issues that non-U.S. companies or entrepreneurs have to consider, when establishing a business presence in the U.S. The focus is on non-U.S. companies that are seeking to directly control its operations through a newly established branch office or subsidiary.

    Download the Booklet

  • Greening the Supply Chain

    This initiative was taken as a result of our Year of Going Green, communicating important topics for greening your business. The goal is to help companies understand logistical challenges when entering the United States and that a company´s logistical strategy is important both for financial as well as for environmental reasons. The booklet is authored by the logistic consultant United Logistic Group.

  • How to Acquire Your First U.S. Office Space

    Published together with John Busey Wood of Thompson & Knight LLP, this booklet titled ”How to Acquire Your First U.S. Business Space – Structuring for Success”, contains information of utmost importance to any foreign company involved in commercial real estate in the U.S.

    The publication can be a guide through the whole process, from finding the right broker to signing a good lease. We hope it will serve as a valuable tool for you when faced with questions related to the publication at hand.

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