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SACC New York Scholarship Recipients

  • Erik Ulin Bonnier Group Scholar 2003

    Erik Ulin became the Bonnier Group Scholar as of January 2003. Erik Ulin is a M.Sc. graduate from Stockholm School of Economics and has studied at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. He fulfilled his military service as a Russian interpreter at the Swedish Defense Language Institute and has held a position at the Swedish Embassy in Moscow and Alstom Transport Business Development in Paris.

    "I was graciously offered to become the Bonnier Group Scholar at the Chamber, which was truly an offer I could not refuse. Being a part of the Chamber is a valuable experience, not the least for the networking experiences that the Chamber provides." Erik Ulin said.

    He worked as a consultant with Business Services, which gave him the opportunity to engage in projects within several different industries. After his time at the Chamber, Erik Ulin joined Arthur D. Little working as a Management Consultant.

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  • Sara Gudmarsson Gunnar Gillberg Scholar 2001 Björn & Diane Ahlström Scholar 2002

    Sara Gudmarsson received the Gunnar Gillberg scholarship of 2002 as well as the Bjorn & Diane Ahlstrom Scholarship in 2002. She joined the Chamber's team of consultants bringing previous experience from working with OMX Group in Stockholm, and spent two years at the Business Services department. She holds a M.Sc. from Stockholm School of Economics where she majored in Marketing and Management and Organization.

    "This allowed me to gain international and consulting experience as well as firsthand insight to the vast network SACC has built up throughout its long presence in New York. My time at SACC New York allowed me to develop professionally as well as personally."

    During her time at the Chamber She worked on several projects focusing on assisting Swedish enterprises seeking to start business operations in the U.S. She was also involved in many of the publications and the events that the Chamber produces for its members. After her time at the Chamber Sara Gudmarsson joined Nordea in Sweden, working as a Sales Manager of Structured Products.

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  • Andreas Borelli Gunnar Gillberg Scholar 2001

    Andreas Borelli, received the Gunnar Gillberg Scholarship and joined the Chambers Business Services department in 2001. Andreas is a M.Sc. graduate from Stockholm School of Economics with an impressive academic background that includes studies at Stanford University, CA; Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; and Perpignan University, France.

    "I thank Mr. Gillberg for his generosity in providing the scholarship and I encourage others to support the scholarship program, so that ambitious graduates can be given this opportunity to work for the Chamber," he said.

    He continued working at the Chamber after his scholarship and became Manager at the Business Services department. He managed many consulting projects for the chamber through out the years and developed new business areas and services promoting and enabling business between the US and Sweden.

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  • Louise Lundborg Gunnar Gillberg Scholar 2000

    Louse Lundborg is a recepient of the Gunnar Gillberg Scholarship and joined the Chamber in September 2000 as a consultant. She holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. Prior to joining SACC New York Louise worked as a consultant for JKL, a large Swedish PR- consultancy firm. She specialized in financial communication, mainly working with the communication surrounding IPOs, mergers and acquisitions.

    While at the Chamber She worked with establishment analysis for a large listed Swedish company, the annualSACC New York Trend Report as well as finding U.S. retailers for Scandinavia's largest candle manufacturer.

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  • Louise Granmar Gunnar Gillberg Scholar 1999

    Louise Granmar received the Gunnar Gillberg Scholarship of 1999. M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics, with international exchange student experience from SDA Bocconi's School of Management in Milan, Italy and University Aix-Marseilles III in Marseilles, France. Louise had experience from working at Karolinska Institutet and IconMedialab, and when she joined the Chamber she came from a trainee programme with the management-consulting firm Accenture.

    "Together with my management consulting background, the more entrepreneurial work and spirit at the SACCNY, has been a very good experience in my future career."

    As a scholar at the Chamber She mostly assisted small and medium sized Swedish Companies to start up in the U.S. She also managed several projects promoting Swedish export. The job required She to quickly learn and adapt so that she could understand the needs of the different clients and their industries. The Chambers network was invaluable in her work and the experience has proved of great value in her future career. She returned to Sweden to work as a consultant in competence development, marketing and strategic communication at ICA AB in Stockholm.

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