Simris Alg: Farmed, Grown, and Harvested in Sweden.

Omega-3 and Supergoodies from Algae


Simris Alg is a pioneering agribusiness growing algae in Sweden. Simris produces marine omega-3 EPA and DHA[NL1] as a superior and sustainable alternative to fish oil, a global fastgrowing multibillion-dollar market in the dietary supplement and food and beverages industries. Simris’ proprietary production process is based on natural photosynthesis. The process is fully scalable and has been in industrial operation since 2013. All products are non-GMO and produced without the use of organic solvents or any ingredients of animal origin. Simris prides itself on being a forerunner in the biobased economy. Its business philosophy is based on the synergy between state-of-the-art technology, branding, and design. Simris looks forward to an expanded global launch and is excited to be a new business member of SACCNY.




Investment AB Öresund: Highest Possible Return

– Taking Risk Into Consideration


Öresund’s overall goal as an investment company is to generate a healthy long-term return for its shareholders while taking risk into consideration. Their strategy is to invest mainly in Swedish securities, maintain a high equity ratio, keep low management costs, and have a flexible liquidity policy. Their investment strategy is to act as an engaged, rational, and long-term owner, and create shareholder value through operational, structural, and/or financial initiatives. Öresund’s largest holdings are Fabege, Bilia, Svolder, SEB, and Scandi Standard. During the past 20 years, annual total shareholder return has been approximately 18 percent. Öresund is controlled by the Swedish financier, Mats Qviberg.




A Better Shipping Experience

wynd works with over 200 international brands, retailers, and companies, including MoMA, TASCHEN, Away, agnès b., Maison Kitsuné, Catbird, and FIKA. Gathering the volume from all its customers allows wynd to offer highly discounted shipping rates with its carriers. In addition to a platform that allows wynd to ship any item, anywhere in the world, at any speed, including same-day delivery in NYC, wynd also provides packaging and shipping products.

By seamlessly integrating with merchant e-stores, wynd receives order info in real time. Merchants can use wynd’s desktop dashboard to request pickups, monitor orders, track orders live, and create new orders on the fly. Merchants without an e-store can simply download the iOS app or desktop dashboard and start shipping!