Innovative Biomaterials on the Cutting Edge of
Medical Research

CELLINK focuses on the development and commercialization of bio-printing technologies that allow researchers and scientists to 3D bio-print human organs and tissues for the development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and treatments. CELLINK is the first bioink company in the world to have said focus. CELLINK’s patent-pending bioink is a bio-material innovation that enables human cells to grow and thrive as they would in the natural human body environment.

”Time is everything in the life science and biotechnology industry and our platform provides a fail-fast approach to
our users so that they can faster realize what works and what doesn’t in their pipeline of potential products.” says Erik Gatenholm, CEO.

Today, the company’s disruptive technology platform is being utilized to print tissues such as cartilage, skin, and even fully functional cancer tumors that can then be used to develop new cancer treatments. In just 12 months the company has been able to commercialize products in more than 30 countries and sold them to hundreds of prestigious labs around the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and the FDA.

Erik Gatenholm, CEO



The World’s Largest Podcasting Platform

In its three years of existence Acast has changed podcasting.
This Swedish company is now the world’s leading audio-on-demand technology platform; connecting the best on-demand audio content wherever it exists in the world to consumers wherever they are listening. The company provides hosting services, advertising revenue, and a seamless distribution network to anyone creating audio content. Acast has more than 55 million monthly listens to more than 1,900 shows around the world. Premium brands that use Acast include The Financial Times, Vogue, The Economist, Reuters, Newsweek, and The Guardian.

Acast has offices in Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney. It was founded in Sweden in 2014 by Måns Ulvestam and Karl Rosander, two friends who both have more than 20 years of experience as internet and media entrepreneurs. The Acast app is available for download from the Microsoft Store, iTunes, and Google Play.

Måns Ulvestam, CEO




Making Saving Money Effortless, Motivating,
and Even a Little Fun

Qapital is a new kind of banking platform committed to helping people turn their money into happiness. Qapital offers checking accounts and savings products designed to help users set and achieve their financial goals by making good decisions easy.

The platform leverages behavioral economics to bridge the gap between awareness and action when it comes to money management by making spending and saving money more intentional. Qapital has designed a new way to manage money; helping people reduce waste, generate more savings, and find the knowledge and confidence they need to master their financial lives. Over 300 000 users who have collectively saved over $230 million agree that goal-focused personal finance is changing the way people bank.

Erik Akterin, CTO & Co-Founder




Soundtrack Your Brand
State-of-the-Art Music Streaming Tailored Specifically to Your Business

Streaming is increasingly the way we listen to music, the exception being consumer businesses where older models such as CDs or other systems still dominate. Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify-backed company founded in 2013, on a mission to change this and kill bad background music. Headquartered in downtown Stockholm, the company has spent the last couple of years building the world’s best music-streaming service for brands.

Their state-of-the-art music-streaming platform and scientifically proven content-curating model are crafted by connoisseurs and perfected by technology. As such Soundtrack Your Brand offers businesses more than 180 music channels, which include week-long music collections, as well as a wide variety of playlists that suit specific times. Partners include McDonalds, TAG Heuer, and Toni & Guy. ”We won’t stop until we have become the personal DJ of every brand.” Says Ola Sars, Co-Founder & CEO.

Ola Sars, CEO




Reducing Food Waste Through Data-Driven Workflows

Every year millions of tons of perfectly edible food products are thrown away in supermarkets. Whywaste wants to change this. All industrial food production affects the environment, through farming, processing, transport, and storage. Moving towards environmental sustainability therefore
naturally involves reducing the amount of food that gets thrown away.

Whywaste has developed a set of unique data-driven tools and workflows that enable supermarkets to effectively identify products that are at risk of passing their expiration date. The food can then be sold at a reduced price, cooked, or donated for charitable purposes, instead of ending up in the waste bin.

The company was founded in Sweden in 2013 and has since gained a lot of traction in the Swedish food retail market and helped supermarkets significantly reduce their food waste. Whywaste is looking at the United States as a potential next market.

Martin Grådal, CEO