Three Must-Join Professional Groups



Established in 2016, HER USA is a distinguished community consisting of the finest female leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are united by the desire to support one another. With the guiding principle of thriving and celebrating vulnerability as a point of connection, the network hosts monthly dinners, educational panels and larger themed events. Currently, HER USA operates in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami.




Founded by Barbro C. Ehnbom in 2001, BBB (also known as Barbro’s Best & Brightest) is a professional women’s network with more than 200 ambitious and talented members primarily in Sweden and New York City. Excelling in fields from finance and medicine to diplomacy and stage performance, the network also boasts a strong group of associated partners who are dedicated to mentoring and promoting members’ careers. Barbro Ehnbom is excited for BBB to expand in New York through Gateway!



17 Nätverket

17-Nätverket, which stands for “The 17-Network” in Swedish, is a professional community that inspires female entrepreneurs to dream big, build larger companies and have fun. While the benchmark is high—applicants are required to start, own and operate companies with an annual turnover of at least 50M SEK (approximately $5.6M) just to be considered—the organization’s solid roster of events and dedicated mentors are certainly well worth it.


The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACCNY) produces and publishes well-read articles which reach the Chamber’s entire membership and extended. Content is focused on Swedish-American business and ranges from in-depth interviews with industry leaders to topical articles relevant to startups and young entrepreneurs.


The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York (SACCNY) is a non-governmental organization with a mission is to promote, advance and protect commercial and professional relations between Sweden and the United States. Read more about our services and members.