Gateway – a second home for Swedish growth companies.

New York City is one of the toughest, but also most rewarding markets in the world. Winners win bigand in this high-risk, high-reward environment the spark of an idea can ignite into full blown fireworks at break-neck speed. And most importantly, it then spreads like wildfire into the biggest market in the world: the U.S.A.

Swedes have not only dreamed about venturing across the Atlantic for centuries but have also done so with much success. Ever since the first Nordic settlers came to the United States, they have established themselves as brilliant business leaders, creating jobs and bringing creative solutions to the table. The match between bright ideas from Sweden with the vast size of the American market and economy has been a longstanding love story that continues to perpetuate. The U.S. interest in Swedish companies has only grown stronger since Stockholm, was recently heralded as the second largest startup city in the world, just behind none other than Silicon Valley.

Taking the leap across the Atlantic being as enticing as ever, makes the U.S the breeding ground of choice for the next Swedish unicorn, similar to recent predecessors; Skype, Spotify, iZettle or King. Every year, a significant amount of companies take the leap and register new subsidiaries in New York City, and with a market size 36 times larger than the Swedish market based on GDP, it’s no wonder many companies seek their next success in this vibrant, competitive and fast-paced metropolis. The East Coast of the U.S., particularly New York, is also quickly catching up and now outpacing others as a premier global Tech-Hub. There is no doubt that it importantly serves as a prime launching pad for the entire U.S. market. And with its geographic proximity to Europe and Sweden, practicalities such as travel time and time differences are minimized.

Although Swedish companies have consistently been successful in the U.S., a high level of uncertainty often exists on how to adapt to the American business climate, or how to most efficiently find the right contacts on the other side of the Atlantic. In this all-or-nothing environment, you better have a winning strategy to win them over.

This is where SACCNY comes in.

Dedicated to promoting and supporting Swedish success stories in the U.S., we have spent the past 112 years providing them with the right contacts and know-how on doing business in the U.S. With the recent rise in numbers of Swedish companies heading to the U.S., we have launched a new initiative: Gateway, efficiently eliminating the friction and giving an “unfair advantage” when establishing in the U.S.. Gateway is a home for innovation—a unique professional platform where promising Swedish and American scaleups and global corporations can meet, grow and exchange know-how in the beating heart of Midtown Manhattan. SACCNY is now taking the next 21-century step toward securing the future of the Swedish startup scene.

Gateway – your business’ home-away-from-home

Since its founding, SACCNY has been an important support agent for Swedish companies expanding into the U.S. market. Encapsulating our acquired and accumulated knowledge, we offer a sturdy launchpad–the Swedish-American way. Here are a few things that will bolster your paradigm for success and how Gateway is of indispensable help:

1.      Make sure you’ve got the right network

You may have heard it before, but in the financial capital of the world, with 10 million people, having the right network and connections is key. One meeting with the right person might spark unimaginable opportunities and professional partnerships. With our vast U.S. and international support network of member companies and board members, Gateway provides a state-of-the-art innovation platform, naturally igniting and growing mutually beneficial partnerships between up-and-coming entrepreneurs and established multinational corporations. With the support of many of Sweden’s most prestigious companies and seasoned executives, who managed the journey of internationalizing into the U.S. themselves, Gateway provides a solid and trusted springboard for your company.

2.      Stay at the “Epicenter” of your curiosity – innovation is what will keep you moving forward

Sweden was recently named one of the world’s most innovative countries by the Global Innovation Index (GII), placing the country and its startup sector at the very desirable intersection of disruption, agility and forward-thinking. In collaboration with American know-how partners, Stockholm-based digital innovation house, Epicenter, and high-performance consultants, Gateway will host a range of A-level innovation labs and hackathons–making sure you will be on top of your game. Epicenter has rapidly gained a reputation for creating the next generation of corporate leaders and will be dedicated to bringing the success story to New York by boosting innovation at Gateway.

3.      Focus on your business, let somebody else take care of the rest

When you are new to the United States, you will need to focus all your efforts on your business. Bureaucracy and legal issues can sometimes become overwhelming. Access to business services such as financial reporting, bookkeeping and registration in the U.S. provide crucial help at the beginning of your U.S. launch. In addition to state-of-the-art office-, conference- and event facilities, Gateway will offer a range of business services specifically designed to your company’s needs and create the best conditions for success. SACCNY also keeps close contact to a stellar network of U.S. based service providers, legal counselors and industry experts ready to help and support you.

4.      Stay Swedish

Do not underestimate the power of Sweden being branded as a hub for innovation, top research and with a strong history of producing successful global companies. In fact, branding yourself as Swedish might actually behoove your launch in the United States. Also, being part of a strong community will make your company stronger. The Gateway community is made up of members who use the platform as their daily office, those who come in occasionally for work or meetings, and those who simply stop by to attend an event or mingle. You will find a mix of exceptional entrepreneurs, experienced business executives, investors, innovators and other talents, some of which will have called New York home for many years, and others who are just spreading their wings in the United States. The Gateway community is characterized by curiosity and desire to share know-how, experience and connecting with others—all with an eye towards shaping a thriving ecosystem for businesses to thrive in New York City.

5.      Location, location, location.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Gateway puts Swedish businesses mere steps away from the most influential companies and investors in America. New York is widely recognized as the financial capital of the world and many multinational corporations and banks are either headquartered or maintain important representation in the city. What is perhaps less known, is New York’s blossoming tech- and startup scene. Venture capital is flowing into the city along with new talent and investors, all of which is now outpacing even Silicon Valley.

Our mission is to support your organization’s vision and goals for the U.S. marketbe it to establish, grow or accelerate your businessand make it reality! Join Gateway and make your business excel as part of an inspiring environment, while discovering the many opportunities New York offers you and your business. We will take care of the rest.

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