Matches Made In Heaven

Hugo & Celine + Whole Foods
”As a purveyor of ice cream for dogs, we were curious to see how New Yorkers would react. Our biggest question was: is our product marketable? So when SACCNY paried us with Whole Foods—the “holy grail” of retailers for products like ours, we were beyond thrilled. To us, this match was perfect as sustainable, premium-quality organic dog food is trending and the choices in the U.S. have been limited so far. Given how our company can potentially fill this void, we hope to collaborate with Whole Foods some day. Granted, this would not be easy considering the abundant risks, rules and regulations in the U.S. Nevertheless, this match still offered amazing insight into the potential market.”
—Sonja Catani, CEO & Founder




”At Ekkono, we signed up for SACCNY’s Acceleration Program with a clear agenda—customer outreach, and evaluation of our proposal in embedded machine learning for IoT (Internet of Things) in the U.S. Immediately, SACCNY helped us reach our first goals, as we secured a meeting with Sidney Gellineau, CIO of MTA, who confirmed that our proposal is valid in the U.S. market. One of our biggest takeaways is how U.S. corporations are interested in collaborating with smaller companies to remain competitive. And while we have yet to reach our goal of working with MTA, we hope that our continuing dialog could evolve into a customer relationship.”
—Jon Linden, CEO




Tobias Fröberg + Aron Schreier
”For the longest time, I have found the U.S. market intriguing on both a personal and professional level. Hoping that someday I could operate a business in the U.S., I applied to Innovate46 looking for opportunities.
Innovate46’s Accelerator Program was life changing. In addition to consulting different experts and learning how to navigate the U.S. market, I got to meet Aron Schreier —a real-estate real estate specialist who ultimately invested in me. Together, we created Strixar, a company that brings AR, VR, 360 and 3D solutions to the real estate agency. There are many things I want to thank SACCNY for—this meeting that led to a great partnership; a business match that inspired me to take the leap; and the realization of my dream to live in and run a business in the U.S.”
—Tobias Fröberg, CEO






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