Fjällräven: …the global appeal
“As a storied Swedish brand with generations of experience, Fjällräven had always sought to venture abroad. When the time came to launch our North American footprint, it was extremely important for us to choose a city that combines universal appeal with global reach and a diverse range of people. In my opinion, New York City checks all of these boxes. For a company that constantly strives for inspiration and aspiration, there is no better place than New York City. Everything—from the abundant retail stores around the city and eye catching yet timely advertisements at Times Square, to the daily dialogue with New York’s media—draws the world’s attention to this amazing city. At the same time, this constant attention and display of the latest and most exciting things makes Manhattan an exceedingly loud and busy city. Therefore, Fjällräven knew there would be the challenge of standing out from the crowd. So while making a breakthrough—which involves showing people who we are and how we make amazing products that last a lifetime—can be incredibly challenging, it is the global appeal of New York City that makes it all worthwhile.”
—Nathan Dopp, President of Fjällräven North America

Sprinklebit: …the accessibility 
“At SprinkleBit, our mission is to bring global access to capital markets for people around the world. After spending five years in San Diego as our headquarter, with offices in Trollhättan and Dnipro, it was time for further expansion. Naturally, we set our sights on New York—not only for the ronomé and credibility of establishing an office on Wall Street, but also for the sheer accessibility and convenience. Within Manhattan, there is the easily navigable subway system, which means great talent is always just a subway-ride away. (Yes, true New Yorkers do not ride yellow cabs.) Beyond the city, there are three mega airports connecting to hundreds of locations everyday. Coupled with the fact that New York is only a seven-hour flight away from Europe, the ease of traveling between the two continents makes Manhattan incredibly convenient. Given how New York is so well connected both internally and externally, it is no coincidence it has become a fintech Mecca. This accessibility also makes the city a hub for the largest media outlets. Therefore, when the time comes for SprinkleBit to promote new products and innovations, I believe this will also be the best place to spread the word.”
— Alexander Wallin, CEO of SprinkleBit

Doberman: …the spirit
“There is no place on earth where the spirit of ‘what next’ is so present in every waking moment of people’s professional and personal lives. There is always something new, something to be discovered around the corner. In a way, it is kind of a New York cliché, but it is also the reality. Admittedly, this spirit fits perfectly with our company culture. When Doberman first arrived in New York, the city instantly felt like a mirror. The idea of looking ahead and re-inventing our business over and over again has always been our obsession in the past two decades. This line of thinking may not bode well in other cities, but New York is not like any other city. Here, as a Swedish business at the forefront of design and technology, we are told our obsession is not only okay, it is what ultimately defines us as leaders and true innovators. This is why we take this spirit in stride. Through helping other companies innovate, we constantly need to learn, explore and stay ahead. This is something our clients should expect from us. And New York helps us to never forget that.”
—Lisa Lindström, CEO of Doberman


Sandberg Trygg: …the opportunities
“For Sandberg Trygg, New York City is a land of opportunity that delivers concrete results. For a company looking to stay in the forefront of digital b2b marketing, we found New York to be perfect for creating strong impact for our international clients in the U.S. market, plus drawing and breeding quality talent like no other place. However, like many good things, the city’s ability to draw the best talents in the world comes with a steep price tag. Before moving to New York, many people have warned us about the city being too expensive and ultra competitive. Thankfully, Sandberg Trygg went ahead anyway. After two years of hard work, not only do we see big dividends for our clients on both sides of the Atlantics, we have acquired several new U.S. clients both Swedish, North American as well as international campaigns and, we clearly notice our staff evolving as individuals and professionals in one of the most exciting and inspiring cities in the world. Needless to say, the move is well worth it. Now, if anyone was to question the value of New York, I can boldly say that, as a global company, we simply cannot afford not to be here.”

—Henrik Dubois, CEO & Managing Partner of Sandberg Trygg



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