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Innovate46, SACCNY’s most anticipated annual conference, will take place at NASDAQ on October 10. Find out its history, major highlights, and what you cannot miss about the Acceleration Program.

While startups are typically synonymous with innovation and disruption and corporations are equipped with the knowledge, resources and connections; both really need each other to innovate. Recognizing this, SACCNY launched its annual conference, Innovate46, where the next generation of Swedish startups can meet, launch, network, and develop groundbreaking collaborations within the corporate world. Beyond discussing the importance of thriving and collaborative ecosystems, the conference looks deeply into building bridges between startups and large corporations in Sweden and the U.S.

This year, the full-day conference will take place at Nasdaq MarketSite on October 10, and feature representatives from American and Scandinavian venture capital firms, researchers, cutting-edge companies and prolific startups, for expert talks and interactive workshops. By invitation only, each application will be evaluated equally. So for those who are interested, sign up now to receive more information and help secure an invitation to this exciting event. The week-long acceleration program, co-organized by SACCNY, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and the Swedish Energy Agency is one of the conference’s biggest highlights.

“Since entrepreneurs need strong local partners with valuable networks to assist their launch, we believe that the Innovate46 conference and joint one-week accelerator program are exactly what Swedish tech companies need,” says Arash Sangari, a representative of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Region Growth.

The “Innovate46-week” offers practical know-how and resources on business optimization in the U.S.; insights into marketing strategy, knowledge about the legal system, plus perspective on import and tariffs. Moreover, there will be exciting pitching opportunities for ten selected companies at Nasdaq MarketSite on Times Square.As an exclusive preview of the anticipated event, here is a chance to meet eight of the ten companies on the next page and learn what makes them special, why you should partner up with them, and how they can help drive innovation.

Meet The Expo Companies And Hear Them Pitch:

What Makes Your Company An Ideal Business Partner?


“As the first and only company that develops digital circuit breakers—a game changer for all industries where electricity is being used—we have disrupted a 150-year-old mechanical technology that is worth $31 billion.”

”We are relentlessly driven to making silent and clean electric motor bikes. Partnering with us both benefits you and the world—as we tap into a booming market while progressing faster toward a zero-emission society.”

“Trust Elias Software to raise the bar when it comes to creating music technology for a richer gaming experience. Our advanced music engine can adapt different tunes based on each player’s actions and event triggers.”

“Mimbly is a young, passionate and vision-driven company with diverse talents. We believe that our efforts combined with our partners’ can amount to a solution that makes great impact in savings—both environmentally and economically.”

Signal Signal
“Signal Signal is the world’s leading media monitoring service for spoken channels—Youtube, podcasts, radio and TV—helping such clients as H&M, Three and Sony Music in understanding the reception of their brands and products.”

“What distinguishes Tipser is our belief in offering independent media e-commerce revenues without losing traffic. Today, six of Europe’s 16 biggest publishers use Tipser—for some, we are already their biggest revenue stream.”

“We have developed a revolutionary technology that can double the electrical efficiency from biomass. It is scalable, utility scale, and optimal for fossil replacement in both CHP and Power-only applications, saving millions of tons of CO2 emissions.”

“Creating a new standard for marketing teams worldwide based on artificial intelligence and passion, we are an adaptable company that always welcomes feedback. In other words, we can be your stable partner for scaling in marketing.”


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