New York, October 10, 2018

Willem Sundblad wins The Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship at Innovate46.
The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York is pleased to announce the winner of the Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship: Willem Sundblad, Founder & CEO of Oden Technologies. Among the three nominated Swedish entrepreneurs that pitched on stage during the Innovate46 conference on October 10, the jury selected Willem Sundblad, as the winner based on the following five criteria:

– The entrepreneur possesses exceptional entrepreneurial capacity and ability to create and lead a successful business.
– The entrepreneur is an exemplary ambassador for entrepreneurship.
– The entrepreneur has identified and created a product, technology or service, which generates increased customer satisfaction, or has recognized an innovative market niche.
– The company possesses a high probability to succeed in the U.S.
– The technology, product, or service has a proven traction on the U.S. market and possesses a high probability to scale on the American market. 

The entrepreneur behind Oden Technologies, Willem Sundblad, received a check for $25,000 from Anders Walls Stiftelse.

“This is an amazing honor, the previous winners are all fantastic Swedish entrepreneurs and it’s humbling to be included in the circle. This award is really a testament to the incredible work our team at Oden is doing every day. A huge thank you to the Anders Wall Foundation and the jury for giving me this award.” 
– Willem Sundblad, Founder & CEO, Oden Technologies

The jury consisted of: Kelley Conway, Managing Director, Accenture; Niclas Dellham, Representative, Anders Walls Stiftelse; Gunilla Nordlöf, Director General of Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth (Tillväxtverket) and Sapna Shah, Principal, Red Giraffe Advisors.

The other nominated entrepreneurs that made on-stage presentations at Innovate46 were Lisa Lindström, Doberman and Christopher Ahlberg, Recorded Future.

Willem is the Founder and CEO of Oden Technologies, an Industrial Internet of Things company helping manufacturers eliminate waste through data acquisition and analytics. Willem studied Industrial Engineering specialized in production at Lund University and Ecole Centrale Paris. Most recently, Willem was named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work in transforming the manufacturing industry and is a contributor, where he writes about the future of manufacturing.






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