– A Lead at Deloitte Sweden Forecasts Positive Change

Millennials and Gen Z consider diversity and inclusion, effective communication, and authenticity to be critical.


Change often comes with a set of uncertainties. For those in business, this rings especially true. But transformation also often brings plenty of good. And when it comes to millennials and Gen Z, according to Josefine Liljeqvist—Human Capital Practice Lead at Deloitte Sweden— there is plenty to look forward to. “Generation Z believe the two most important skills in the workplace are communication and problem solving,” she affirms. Here, Liljeqvist shares her thoughts on millennials, Gen Z, and how society stands to benefit from their impact.

As consumers, how have millennials and Generation Z changed the business landscape so far?
An increased demand for authenticity, responsibility, and value indicate that they prefer companies and brands that treat both their employees and their customers well.

What do you forecast the business landscape will look like 20 years from
now, thanks to these consumers?
In 20 years, it will most likely be heavily influenced by the Generation Z consumer. As consumers they want broad access, individuality, and ethical as well as societal responsibility. Businesses should rethink how value is delivered to the Gen Z customer, stepping up to their demands of high ethics and societal responsibility.

What sorts of qualities and skills do they bring to the workplace?
With these generations, I believe we will see a focus on creating meaningful work, innovation, culture and flexibility, and a different approach to career development. I also forecast that we will see a shift towards measuring performance not only from a financial perspective, but also measuring the impact business has on society and the environment. This dynamic will demand a greater responsibility from businesses and leaders.

An increased focus on skills such as interpersonal skills, confidence, motivation, strong ethics, and integrity is also likely. We will see a greater focus on diversity and inclusion as well, but we will see a shift in the approach. Instead of just “making D&I a priority” it will be naturally integrated in all we do, as they—especially Generation Z—will have it in their backbone to a greater degree than earlier generations.

– Josefine Liljeqvist, Human Capital Practice Lead at Deloitte Sweden


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