Our Gateway community is growing—and it has gotten several brand new updates. Our space has been decorated with generously donated furniture featuring the minimalist, clean aesthetic that Swedish design is known for.

What has bloomed is a Scandinavian oasis in New York, and we could not be more proud of the result. But our pride extends far beyond the décor. Gateway’s community is expanding, featuring residents that extend from forward- thinking technology firms to a nonprofit that seeks to help create a world safe for children. In addition, our technology center has been completely revamped, replete with a new portable podcast studio as well as cutting – edge technologies for video collaboration and distance learning.

”The lab here is set up to be a dynamic living thing so that when new technologies come out we can test them,” says Gateway’s tech guru, Greg Harper. ”It is a resource available for our members, but also a resource with which to create content.”

What’s more, we have hosted a variety of exciting events over the past few months, and we have even more in store. Our annual Executive Women’s Conference is being completely re-imagined, and we also have launched an Innovation Night series—both events that speak to SACCNY’s collaborative nature, and entrepreneurial spirit.

We are so pleased to host this community, and to offer its residents and members a platform with which to flourish. To learn more about our Gateway community, please go to www.saccny.org/gateway

A spotlight on Gateway’s Residents

“What are you looking forward to most about your membership with Gateway?
*Gateway residents as of date of publication.


ADAPT Event & Expo
Adapt offers technical solutions for international event and expo projects.
I really enjoy Gateway’s community of driven entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators. It gives you a lot of positivity, new input, and ideas that help you with your own business.
—Viking Grandin, Senior Project Manager

Everysport media group
Everysport Media Group is a sports data and media company.
My membership with Gateway has exceeded all expe- ctations, and it offers an amazing and inspiring work en- vironment with the opportunity to expand my network here in New York.
—Rasmus Hult, Head of Marketing

World Childhood Foundation USA
World Childhood Foundation USA contributes to creating a world where all children are free from violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation.
Gateway, with its new generation of Swedish entrepreneurs, is a unique environment where we can forge innovative part- nerships and together develop new solutions to create a safer world for children.
—Joanna Rubinstein, President and CEO

Zalster is a Facebook Marketing Partner and an Instagram Partner that helps companies scale their advertising with AI.
I am excited to be in an environment where you get the best of both worlds: The curiosity and enthusiasm of a startup as well as the impressive knowledge and network of an established company.
—Emma Kinnas, Managing Director North America

Stratsys is a cloud-based business planning platform.
In addition to the view from the space on 900 Third Avenue, I am looking forward to getting to know the Gateway community, and to learning about all the different journeys and experiences therein.
—Joakim Stattin, Growth Manage

Briban Invest
Briban Invest is a family office
The professional benefit of working at Gateway is second only to the joy its community brings.
—Inga Barchan, Investment Manager

GIANT Innovation
GIANT Innovation gives large organizations the tools they need to move with speed, creativity, and agility.
Gateway provides a unique opportunity for innovation-driven businesses like mine to be in the center of New York—with all it has to offer—while simultaneously tapping into some of the best ideas, talent, and technology out of Europe.
—Joshua Cohen, Managing Partner

Hyper Island
Hyper Island designs learning experiences.
We are thrilled to be part of the Gateway community, where the positive energy of the beautiful space and the SACCNY staff are palpable. We look forward to exchanging best practices with our neighboring companies who are also focused on innovation and positive change, and to learn, unlearn and relearn— which is what Hyper Island Business Transformation is all about.
—Liana Slater, Head of Business Partnershi

2c8 is a business solution and software company
We look forward to extending our professional network in New York, and to the exchange of experiences with foreign nationals who have successfully launched their businesses in the United States.
— JanE Larsson, Founder and CEO

Bzzt is an electric taxi cab service.
We are excited to grow and learn in Gateway’s crea- tive environment of excellence, and we are commit- ted to contributing to everyone while sharing our joy of life, discipline, and playfulness.
—Emanuele Ancorini, Senior Advisor

Maria Nila Inc.
Maria Nila offers 100% vegan and cruelty free hair care products
I look forward to sharing experiences about how to succeed as a Swedish company in a U.S. business landscape.
—Thomas Barkå, CEO North America

Innovation360 is a technology and innova- tion management consultancy firm.
I am excited about being a part of a community of high-growth innovative companies, and the chance to stumble upon highflyers by the coffee machine
—Julia Doria, Commercial Officer and Co-Founder

Aggancio is an executive search firm.
We are looking forward to connecting with—and potentially helping—Swedish companies that come to New York to build a successful U.S. busi- ness.
—Andre Haug, CEO

Sigma Software
Sigma Software offers software solutions and development teams
The moment we set foot in Gateway’s office, we were showered with a warm welcome from all of the staff, and instant support for all of our needs. What’s more, we were—and still are—fascinated by the opportunities and services available for all of its members.
— Katherine Tuluzova, Head of PMO U.S.

Web Manuals inc.
Web Manuals is a tool for digitizing airlines
Gateway is a great starting point for companies looking to make it big in the Big Apple
—Martin Lidgard, Founder and CEO