Swedish businesses need to stay up to date on developments in policies and trade. In a global economy – undoubtedly – these developments have consequences on Swedish businesses. It impacts decision making and strategic planning as well as factors potential avenues for growth. Being an informed member of the business community can give you an edge in the market and provide insight on paths to take your business on. SACCNY is assisting members in understanding the New York climate and how Swedish businesses can better prepare themselves on developments.

We asked a few of our members for their opinion on the recent events and here is what they have to say. Check in to our next digital newsletter to see who we ask next as this topic will be continuously updated.

Scandinavian Airlines System, Inc.

From our perspective, as an international airline, whereby we operate in pursuant of mutual agreements on air transportation, we have not really been impacted by the current administration’s more aggressive position regarding trade and tariffs. We are not either planning on any major changes related to this area as of now. But as an airline, we can, of course, be indirectly impacted since our corporate customers’ travel demand might decline as a consequence.

As for companies looking to do business in the United States, if the company had the intention to bring one or more Swedish executives into the United States for an assignment, we would, of course, suggest that companies obtain competent legal counsel specialized in the visa and immigration process. This is based on our recent experiences with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

On a more local level, i.e. state or city, I would also suggest obtaining a competent legal counsel to advise on a sound legal structure (corporation / limited liability corporation or other), depending on the business and ownership and to ensure initial and immediate compliance with any relevant permits and licenses, etc.

–Max Knagge, General Manager Americas, SAS.

Scandinavian Airlines System, Inc.