Saga Language Services

Expert translation from Swedish and Norwegian to English

International businesspeople speak English well, but they often turn to professional translators for written English that will persuade, inform or make the sale. Doing business as Saga Language Services, Alice Klingener helps Swedish and Norwegian companies tailor their message to the US market or communicate with a worldwide audience in English.

Typical translation projects include annual reports, sustainability reports and all of the written material that makes the business world run, from press releases, policies and website content to books by leading Swedish business figures.

Alice is an ATA-certified translator who can certify her translations for legal purposes. For companies entering the US market, Alice provides the American touch whether the project involves translating from scratch or editing a piece the client has already written in English.

Contact: Alice Klingener, CT

The Good Fridge Group

The Good Fridge is a digital platform that simplifies complicated food labels, long ingredient lists and confusing health signals on food products. Partnering with supermarkets, we will show you whether the food you put in your shopping basket meets your unique preferences and helps you choose better options.

The purpose of the Good Fridge is not to fuel health fanaticism, but rather to support us all make better decisions every time we shop for groceries.

We do not believe that there is a need to disrupt our eating habits and shopping patterns in order for us all to live healthier. Instead, we firmly believe that sustainable change comes from the small changes we all make in our everyday lives.
This is why our starting point is you and your everyday grocery shopping. From there, we hope to empower you to make your own slightly better choices while you are shopping.