Back in July, SACCNY corporate member Lexington Company’s Founder, CEO and Creative Director, Kristina Lindhe was featured in VA Kvinna and discussed female entrepreneurship and the next generation – Generation Z.

As one of the Chamber’s core values, SACCNY is proud to promote female leadership and entrepreneurship within the U.S. market. As such, we have sat down with Kristina and asked her about some of her thoughts on the market today.

Kristina Lindhe
Founder, CEO and Creative Director
Lexington Company

What has been most exciting about being a successful female company builder?
For me as a founder and CEO, it has been exciting to see my company grow over the years into what it is today. Our brand is now represented in over twenty markets, and the online business is growing all the time. However, as a female entrepreneur, the most exciting thing for me to see during my years in business is the growth of companies with a female founder, CEO or lead.

What are the benefits of stimulating female leadership and entrepreneurship?
It is important to not forget the strength of being a part of a group or network where females, or other individuals for that matter, support and encourage each other to succeed and grow within their specialty and field. It´s not only about giving, I receive so much back, and that’s very stimulating.

How should companies adapt to a market and labor force that is increasingly made up of Millennials and Gen-Z?
While both millennials and gen-z share commonalities with their preceding generations, they also differ greatly from them due to the fact that they are the only two generations that have grown up in the digital era. Another difference that may make the generations stand apart is that they do not work to live, but instead they live to work. Growth and personal development are of great importance to both millennials and gen-z in the workplace, and they value the balance between work and personal life highly. Gen-Z is the first generation totally growing up with global climate crises and other new difficult challenges that will affect them. As the labor force is changing, companies need to change as well and adapt to the new generations who will be tomorrow’s new leaders to be able to guarantee the success of their companies.

What is your advice for companies looking to expand in the U.S. market?
One key fact that is sometimes overseen is that the cultural differences between countries can create difficulties while trying to expand into a new market, and this naturally goes for the U.S. market as well. Swedes often have the perception that we are thinking in an American way and know what’s best for the U.S market. It can be a very expensive learning experience when you notice the difference. That is why it is great to take help of other already established companies in the market or networks consisting of individuals that have already taken this trip into establishing their business on the American market.

Why did you choose NYC as a landing spot for Lexington Company?
Lexington has roots in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as Hamptons in Long Island, so it became natural to Lexington to find a home in New York City. NYC is the central melting pot between the two historical locations, from which Lexington has its heritage.

How has SACCNY helped your company establish a foothold in the U.S.?
In the beginning, we had a lot of help with administration, recommendation of partners that could help us with legal aspects and all the things you have to do.  I am a strong believer in networks and to share your knowledge to help each other succeed. SACCNY is not only a strong network, but also has the experience to help Swedish brands establish themselves on the American market.


SACCNY celebrates female leadership every year at the annual Executive Women’s Conference (eWc) where the Chamber features female leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. Learn more about last year’s event here.