What is impact’s relevancy on today’s market? Wrapping up this year’s Innovate46, inspiring speakers and panelists at the Innovate46 Conference 2019 left us reflecting on the meaning of its potential in business.

SACCNY would like to thank EY, Nasdaq, The Swedish Energy Agency, Accenture, BrainLit, Applied Value and the Consulate General of Sweden, New York, for making this year’s Innovate46 a reality. With their support, we were able to bring together the greatest minds in business and innovation to leverage impact.

At this very moment, companies are finding ways to integrate impact within their business model. The week leading up to Innovate46, The Swedish Energy Agency brought nine CleanTech scaleups that are already established in Sweden and will gain traction on the U.S. market as part of Greenovate46. These exceptional scaleups spent the week of acceleration training preparing to pitch in an exciting competition at Innovate46. The winner, Azelio, a company with innovative technology that stores energy from solar and wind to dispatch it on demand around the clock, was granted a membership at Gateway, SACCNY’s innovation platform, for one year. View our press release for more details about the Acceleration Program.

Redefining impact and sustainability in terms of today’s market, the speakers on the panel, How to Leverage Impact in a Forward-Thinking Organization – Four Perspectives, discussed the long-term benefits of integrating sustainability in business. Furthering the discussion, the Investor’s Panel discussed benefits of investing in impact, including topics such as the meaning of impact, “value that you’re delivering to someone” (Wendy Xiao Schadeck, Investment Manager, Northzone), and the potential effects of investing in impact within an industry, “the potential to change an entire sector” (Gustav Stenbeck, CEO, Mestro).

Steve Rader, with over 30 years of experience working at NASA and the CEO and Principal of Crowd Resource Consulting, illustrated that we do not necessarily need to invent new technologies and that we have all the resources we need to solve world problems. Rather, it is about stepping into unknown territory and applying it to what you already know.

What are your thoughts? The next time you are revising your company’s strategy and planning for growth and impact, consider 2019’s Innovate46 takeaways.


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