“There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.”

— Madeleine Albright, Former U.S. Secretary of the State

As we know the business environment today, women have a harder time climbing into leadership roles, whether it is due to perceptions of gender, capability or of the industry itself. What makes it easier is to have a mentor support and guide you.

Madeleine Albright, known for her strong support in female leaders, has ignited conversations globally on the definition of ‘support for women’. Who has been at the forefront of uplifting young professional women and pushing them into the spotlight of executive positions? How does effective support manifest itself and what are actions we can take to expand this support network?

These roles remain unseen and this year at SACCNY’s annual Executive Women’s Conference (eWc), we plan to change this. Together with international women’s networks, we are bringing together women from all walks of life to showcase the extensive network that exists for professional women. This three-day conference is an event for sharing and learning, lessons learned and what has been effective. eWc delves into instances and insight on mentorship and intra-female support, with important dialogue to perpetuate and grow robust support network. On our own, we can be successful, together we have an impact.

eWc 2020 is the big Transatlantic meetup for female leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. On March 5, the exciting conference will kick off in Stockholm, Sweden, a country that is a leader in both public and private sector gender equality, with a stated feminist government agenda. Two months following the meetup, attendees will see what female leadership looks like in the United States on May 4 in Washington D.C. The conference will culminate in New York City on May 5 and meet the speakers and panelists that are backing other women.

Start planning your trip to eWc 2020 now and become part of the movement.


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