With SACCNY member Cushman & Wakefield

In preparation for New York City’s reopening, companies must consider new safe practices in the workplace. To help with this transition, SACCNY reached into its network and connected with SACCNY member Cushman & Wakefield, a globally leading commercial real estate firm, and has prepared for the network an essential checklist for offices during this time.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cushman & Wakefield has been at the forefront of advising its Tenant and Landlord clients across the globe on best practices in keeping personnel and office occupiers safe and healthy in the workplace.

With our experience helping companies get back to work post COVID-19 in China, Cushman & Wakefield has developed the ‘Recover Readiness Guide to Reopening your Workplace’ playbook to safely open the office when it is time to transition out of ‘Work From Home’ (WFH).

We have also devised the ‘Safe Six: Work Place Readiness Essentials’ that office tenants need to be thinking about as they plan re-occupancy once this pandemic subsides:

1.  Prepare the Workplace

Clean with products from approved lists from governing bodies, ready mechanical, HVAC, Fire/Life Safety Systems to ensure the safety of all workers.

2.  Prepare the Workforce

Establish policies for deciding who returns and when. Mitigate anxiety of returning to the workplace through change management planning and communications, consider why people can benefit from being back in the office, consider why people can benefit from continued WFH. Develop and execute a detailed plan on how to return to work including considering staggering designated groups to gradually re-occupy the office, prepare and post reminders of social distancing and cleaning protocols.

3. Control Access

Control the entry points including deliveries, reconfigure gathering and lobby areas for social distancing, install plexiglass shields as appropriate, consider temperature screening, provide sanitizer, wipes, PPE as appropriate, disable touchscreens  

4. Create A Social Distancing Plan

The Cushman & Wakefield Netherlands office developed the ‘Six Feet Office’ concept limiting exposure cost-effectively by adding plexiglass increase division in cubicle areas, mandating that employees sit two desks away from one another when possible, and controlling traffic in one direction in the office to limit personnel passing one another in hallways.

5. Reduce Touch Points & Increase Cleaning 

Touchless ingress/egress, mandating a clean desk policy, flood plan, and remaining diligent in cleaning regiment.

6. Communicate for Confidence 

Recognize the fear in returning, communicate transparently, listen, and survey your personnel regularly.

By using these concepts as a checklist, coupled with constant reinforcement of handwashing, social distancing, and staying home when ill; companies will be able to effectively keep their employees safe and healthy, quell any fears of re-entry, and revamp productivity. 

Stay safe everyone! 

Cushman & Wakefield is a proud SACCNY member and has been at the forefront of providing industry insight and best practices on workplace safety. If you would like to see more resources like this, please reach out to us directly!


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