Doconomy provides digital solutions to track and measure your carbon footprint. Doconomy’s mobile banking app, DO, manages savings and promotes sustainable consumption through tracking the climate impact of your everyday purchases.

Through groundbreaking innovation, data and design, Doconomy supports consumer change of behavior by enabling informed decision making, which in turn, promotes responsible consumption. The company’s most recent release, the 2030 Calculator, promotes increased transparency and responsibility in purchasing through calculating goods’ and products’ carbon footprint.

DO uses Åland Index Solutions, the leading global impact index to calculate transactions, covering data from companies representing 99% of global market cap through a unique partnership with S&P Global.

Through Doconomy’s collaboration with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC), which educates and engages individuals around climate action, additional innovative tools to explain our impact are also developed and deployed.

Through a partnerships with Ålandsbanken, the UNFCCC and Mastercard Doconomy can bring about structural positive change by rewiring the financial system. Together we’re able to raise global awareness, spread knowledge to the many and bring evidence of what utilizing the power of banking, climate expertise, and global payment technology can achieve.

Doconomy believes that becoming conscious of the impact of our consumption leads to new behavior that is better for the planet. One effective solution is to enable brands, manufacturers, retailers, banks and payment providers to collaborate to provide customers with tools to measure and manage their carbon footprint.

A call for collaboration was highlighted during Climate Week 2020 NYC when Doconomy hosted two panels:

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