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SACCNY at Almedalen 2018

SACCNY at Almedalen 2018

Schema Almedalen 2018 Måndag 2 juli: 08:30-09:45. Deltagande på seminarium: Så blir hållbarhetsfrågorna heta i valdebatten Arrangörer: Hagainitiativet, Mistra Geopolitics och Stockholm Environmental Institute. Risk och lönsamhet - två sidor av samma mynt, vad får...

Up Close with Swedbank’s CEO

Up Close with Swedbank’s CEO

From Birgitte Bonnesen’s Point of View Birgitte Bonnesen, President and CEO of Swedbank and President of the Swedish Banker’s Association shares her view on banking in the future, for gender equality, and how to become successful in the banking...

Conquer The Odds

Conquer The Odds

Make Your Voice Heard In an extremely competitive economic environment, it takes more than a brilliant idea to succeed. Lena Apler—renowned banker and SACCNY’s new Board Member—shares what you really need to beat the competition. As a new...

New Business Members

New Business Members

Advokatbyrå Prima AB Bridging Swedish and American Legal Matters Advokatbyrå Prima AB is a renowned law firm known for its specialty in Swedish and international commercial law, plus an extensive immigration law practice. This dual expertise in...

When Women Rise, We All Rise

When Women Rise, We All Rise

How to Create a Culture of Equality Cathinka Wahlström—Accenture’s Senior Managing Director of Financial Services for North America—dishes on how a culture of equality can do more than empowering women. It drives commercial success. If there is...

Tools To Get Women Into Leadership Positions

Tools To Get Women Into Leadership Positions

SACCNY’s Network Shares Thoughtful Insights Recognize the Benefits of Diversity Having more women assume corporate leadership can positively impact the economy in more ways than one. Beyond improving performance substantially, it also...


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Saccny in the press


Expressen – Isabella Löwengrip talks about her new office space at Gateway in New York City.

Daniel Redget, Founder of Redget Comms. talks about his expansion to the U.S. market and his new office, at Gateway NYC. in their podcast episode “We are kåming”

Isabella Löwengrip on how SACCNY have helped Löwengrip Invest find strategic partners in the U.S., thanks to our Match Making service.

Daniel Redget, Founder of Redget Comms. talks about SACCNY in their podcast Redget & Dietz episode “Sommar i Vassen”

Di Digital: SACCNY’s eWc and Di Digital’s Female Founders awards: Karoline Beronius, Addressya, wins the pitch challenge in New York

Dagens Industri – SACCNY hosts Swedish Malin Andersson during Downs Syndrome Day

Isabella Löwengrip – Time for International Contracts. Sweden’s biggest influencer announces membership at Gateway

SvD Näringsliv – Gateway member BZZT! plans to take  taxi pods to Manhattan

Di Digital – Announcement of partnership between Female Founders and eWc

Di Digital – SACCNY takes Di Digital’s Female Founders to the U.S.

Umgås Magazine – “A Gateway to Success, New York’s  Swedish Co-Working Space”

EFN TV – Virtual Tour of Gateway and Interview

The Swedish Energy Agency releases which 5 companies have been selected to sit at Gateway as part of the clean-tech hub

Swedes in the States about our Lucia celebration and the Gateway soft launch party

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon – Interview with SACCNY President, Anna Throne-Holst

Edible Manhattan – Podcast Interview with SACCNY President Anna-Throne Holst

Packaging world on Micvac’s victory of the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award

The Swedish Government offices published UN Ambassador Olof Skoog’s keynote speech at Sustainology Summit 2018

Double spread in Dagens Industri on our new initiative to have a clean tech hub at Gateway together with Energimyndigheten and an interview with Anders Wall Award winner Willem Sundblad

Nasdaq’s article on the Innovate46 conference

Swedes in the States about H.R.H. Crown Princess Vistoria’s visit at Gateway

H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit at Gateway mentioned. 

Digital NYC about the collaboration between SACCNY and Epicenter with GatewayxEpicenter

Anna Throne-Holst in interview with Göteborgs Posten on how Gateway can be a facilitator for Swedish companies in their U.S. launch. 

The Swedish royal court writing about H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit at Gateway “one of the largest initiatives to promote Swedish trade and export in North America”

Svensk Damtidning  about H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit in New York and at Gateway

Expressen about H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit in New York and at Gateway

Aftonbladet about H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit in New York, mentioning her visit with SACCNY

Putting Sweden on the Map: interview in Swedish Press

Dagens Analys about the 10 Swedish companies participating in the Innovate46 acceleration week program

Press release: The Nominees for the Anders Wall Award for Exceptional Entrepreneurship  

Örebro University about the new Scholarship

Ringing the Opening Bell with Nasdaq at Almedalen in Di TV

Expressen’s broadcast of the Nasdaq Opening Bell at Almedalen

Micvac nominated for SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award in Packaging World

Micvac nominated for the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award in

Interview in Sveriges Radio

Anna Throne-Holst featured in Fokus: Swedes in New York

Interview with DigiExam by Tillväxtverket

Dagens Industri about the seminar: “The Swedish entrepreneurial boom – how long can it continue?” in Almedalen

It-kanalen on the news about Gateway x Epicenter

Swedes in the States about Gateway x Epicenter

Anna Throne-Holst Sommarvärd i Sommar i P1 – 4 juli

Dagens industri: Näringslivets sommarpratare

SACCNY and Epicenter in Di Digital presenting the partnership to launch Gateway x Epicenter

SACCNY and Epicenter in Breakit regarding the partnership of Gateway x Epicenter

My Newsdesk: Epicenter about Innovation hub GatewayxEpicenter

Dagens Media: Opening of Innovation hub GatewayxEpicenter

SACCNY’s President Anna Throne-Holst visits Örebro university

Yvonne Thunell receives the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York’s Mentor Award

Live interview in Dagens Industri and Expressen on the listing of Spotify

Interview with Anna Throne-Holst in Svensk Damtidning

saccny in the press


Anna Throne-holst Guest Column in Dagens Industri

Jon Lindén, CEO at Ekkono was present at Innovate46

Anna Throne-Holst in Radiokorrespondanterna

Breakit: Svenskarnas Basta tips for att starta bolag fran New York

 Whywaste, winners of SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award in Di Digital

Ecolean Sustainology writeup

WHYWASTE Pressrelease: Whywaste wins SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award

SACCNY Pressrelease: Whywaste wins SACCNY-Deloitte green award



2050: Sustainology Summit Report

SACCNY & Innovate46 in Dagens Industri

SACCNY Pressrelease: CELLINK wins anders wall award for exceptional entrepreneurship

SACCNY in Dagens Industri, luncheon with secretary Wilbur Ross

Business Insider: SACCNY Luncheon Wilbur Ross

Bloomberg: SACCNY Luncheon Wilbur Ross

BREAKIT: Svenskar i New York, 17 namn du ska lagga pa minnet

Kauppalehti: Luncheon with Casper von Koskull

Arvopaperi: Luncheon with Casper von Koskull

My Newsdesk: Innovate46

Sveriges Radio: USA-Podden

Sveriges Radio: StudioEtt

Dagens Industri: Almedalen

Dagens Industri: New York dukar for natverkande

Dagens Industri: topparnas tro pa USA

OMNI: Svenska toppdirektorer misstror Trumps politik

Nordstjernan: SACCNY appoints new president

Virtual intelligence: report from SACCNY Executive Women’s Conference

saccny in the press


Sydostran: Deras ograsrensare tog priset i USA

Nasdaq: SACCNY & Innovate46 to Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell

DI WEEKEND: Svenskt kalas pa Manhattan

Cision: Plantagon Wins Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York-Deloitte Green Award

Mynewsdesk: SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award 2016


Mynewsdesk: Stockholms fordelar i varlden

Mynewsdesk: SACCNY-Deloitte Green Gala Award

Expressen: New York-gavan till Madde och Chris

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