12 NOV


‘Sustainology 1 Billion’
Impact Unicorns in the Food Chain


CITI, Tribeca


Master of Ceremonies

Program Title

Program 2019

Registration and Breakfast

8:00 AM

Conference Starts

Joshua Spodek - "Leadership and the Environment: What Everybody Gets Wrong About It"


Björn Öste - "High Tech Food: Part of the Solution for Global Health and Sustainability"

Panel: "The Global Protein Shift - Meat Has Always Been Dead, Now It's Buried"


Kit Burton - "Steering a Global Food Brand to Carbon Neutrality"

Gita Calton - "Together We Can Do More"


Coffee Break

Max Knagge - “SAS - Leading the Way Towards More Sustainable Travel”


Panel: "Creating a Sustainable Value Chain - A Buffet of Obstacles and Solutions"

Ulrika Lilja - ”Towards a Renewable Future”


Annika Rembe - "Facing the Future"

Panel: "Investing in Sustainable Growth"

01:00 PM

Panel: "Impact Investing - How to Spot an Impact Unicorn"

Deloitte Green Awards Pitch 1 - Innoscentia


Deloitte Green Awards Pitch 2 - Drupps

Winner Announced


Networking Lunch


Get your creative juices flowing at our workshops and company visits designed for you!


Company Visit: The Brooklyn Brewery

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
A rapid-fire overview of Brooklyn’s sustainability practices led by team leader Joe Thompson from the operations team including a short Brooklyn Brewery history lesson, a step-by-step look at how beer is made, and a brief brew-house tour. Joe can answer just about any beer or Brooklyn Brewery related question you can think of, so come prepared to geek out. Afterwards, feel free to visit the Company Store or hang in the Tasting Room during Public Hours and for more beer. Guests must be over 21 or be accompanied by a parent or court appointed legal guardian - Please do not wear open-toe or high heel footwear! This is a working brewery and hot liquid does floweth on the floor. | 30 minute tour | 15 minute Q&A | Maximum number of attendees for the visit: 40.
Hosted by Joe Thompson
79 N 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Workshop: Josh Spodek

3:00 - 4:00 PM
What nearly everyone gets wrong about the environment and what to do about it. We want to change people's environmental behavior, yet most people keep doing what they always have, or change moderately, even people who know and care. Their beliefs keep them from change. Not addressing those beliefs limits our ability to influence. This interactive, friendly workshop shows practical effective ways to influence beliefs so people enjoy acting. Hosted by the host of the Leadership and the Environment podcast, who developed these techniques with globally renowned leaders. | 45 minute workshop | 10 minute Q&A | Maximum size of the workshop: 30-40.
Hosted by Josh Spodek PhD
388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

Company Visit: Food-X Incubator

4:00 - 4:45 PM
#1 Food Innovation Accelerator in the world, founded in 2014, FOOD-X is the first international business acceleration program focused on launching food-related ventures. FOOD-X helps food entrepreneurs bring their products and services to market at super speed, they partner with early stage companies from across the food supply chain, from agriculture to consumer packaged goods, and help these companies grow fast. The visit will include a brief tour of the space and a sit-down in the conference room for some Q&A about Food-X, SOSV, food innovation and sustainability, or other topics of interest. | 15 minute tour | 30 minute Q&A | Maximum number of attendees for the visit: 20.
Hosted by Peter Bodenheimer
255 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018

Workshop: Catherine Barba, Lex Heslin & Abby Lyall

3:00 - 4:00 PM
This interactive workshop offers you the much needed face to face with investors, where you will get the opportunity to ask about the fundamentals when seeking investments, and the variety of solutions, tools, and tips to get a step closer to secure funding. Learn about different types of investments and the different approaches and strategies of attracting them, how to engage investors and secure funding, means of attracting investors to your business plan and the best way to approach them, as well as what key elements should be added to the business plan to encourage potential investors? You will also get a chance to learn about impact investment strategy, and why it is so important. Is making an impact enough to convince other people that investing in your startup is worth their while? | 55 minute workshop and Q&A | Maximum size of the workshop: 30-40.
Hosted by Catherine Barba, Lex Heslin & Abby Lyall
388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013

The Summit is now over! Tune in next year for what will be offered.

The event has ended. See you next year!


388 Greenwich Street,
New York, NY 10013

Photo ID

Due to safety regulations, you are required to bring a valid photo ID.

Press Accreditation

If you are a member of the press, please contact Linn Persson prior to the event to receive your press accreditation.


The annual SACCNY – Deloitte Green Award is presented to a Swedish company that clearly demonstrates forward-thinking and innovation within sustainability. The nominees all wear a halo for contributing to a healthier, more sustainable food system, but which one will wear the crown?

The two finalists, Innoscentia and Drupps, will pitch and the winner will be announced on stage!

Sustainology has ended. Check out last year’s nominees.

for nomination

Beneficial to the environment and environmentally sustainable.

A breakthrough “green” invention or technology linked to the food chain.

Commercialized or close to commercial release

Voting is unfortunately closed!

Past Award Recipients 2011-2019

2018: MicVac - Micvac is a Swedish FoodTech company with fresh ideas on how to produce chilled ready meals

2017: WHYWASTE - Reducing food waste through data driven workflows

2016: JUST COMMON SENSE - Crop and cut crops without herbicides

2015: ALNARP CLEANWATER - Natural wastewater treatment designed to meet future demands

2014: EkoBalans - Creating plant nutrients by using nutritious residue otherwise wasted

2013: Heliospectra - Vertical farming solutions for repeatable and predictable results

2012: Plantagon - Feeding the city, building the future

2011: Solvatten - Water treatment improving water security


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our mission

“An Impact Unicorn is a disruptive company impacting over 1 billion people”

Let’s measure the success of unicorn companies through impact instead of dollars! In a single day, ‘Sustainology Summit – One Billion’ will bring together and demonstrate how at least one billion lives will be affected and improved from participating companies’ work and products that are taking the stage at Citi Headquarters on November 12th. This year´s conference focuses on measuring the tangible and intangible effects and global impact of participating entrepreneurs, companies and decision-makers, turning the conference itself into an impact unicorn. Sustainology Summit 2019 will once again build the bridge between Swedish and American trailblazers in impact, technology, creativity, and business, and inspire participants to be a part of the critical shift toward a sustainable food system.

We hope you will
join the movement

Read more about sustainology

The Sustainology Summit

The Sustainology Summit, previously known as the Green Summit, From Farm to Fork, was launched in 2008 by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York. The conference was initiated to focus on sustainability and the most pressing eco-related issues of contemporary society. In 2017, the conference was renamed “the Sustainology Summit” which started a new chapter within FoodTech with a special focus on production, transportation and packaging, consumption, and waste. In 2016, the conference was dedicated to the future of food, with the theme “Exploring the Secret of the Three-Course Pill”. Other past conferences have touched upon food sustainability, CleanTech, and water management. The conference has featured speakers from leading companies concerned with the core eco-related issues presented at the summit. Notable past speakers include H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden; H.E. Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN; Daniel Bena, Director of Sustainable Development at PepsiCo; Ocean Explorer Fabien Cousteau; Michael Treschow, Chairman of Unilever; Marcus Samuelsson, Award-Winning Chef and Restaurateur; Michael Moss, Award-Winning Author and New York Times Investigative Reporter; Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods; Professors Jeffrey D. Sachs and Marion Nestle.


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