InnovateNordics Summit 2021

& U.S. Acceleration Program


Is entering the U.S. market the next step for you and your business? Do you – or someone you know – have an idea you want to accelerate on the U.S. market? Are you a Nordic clean- or foodtech scaleup looking to fuel your U.S. expansion? Apply to SACCNY’s InnovateNordics Acceleration Program, Meetup & Demo Day.


SACCNY’s renowned tech and innovation meetup, Innovate46, continues to play it’s crucial role by annually supporting and showcasing transformative entrepreneurship from Sweden – a leading global unicorn factory – with an emphasis on cleantech and green energy. Now expanding its powerful reach, SACCNY is proud to present InnovateNordics.

InnovateNordics will showcase top innovators focused on tackling today’s most pressing challenges while creating business and growth within the areas of clean- and foodtech from the collective Nordics: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Iceland.

Recognizing the power of combined problem solving in the areas of clean- and foodtech, these Nordic trailblazers will together do a deep dive in the tools and tricks for effective U.S. establishment and growth, while pitching on center stage in the financial capital of the world – New York City.

Are you now thinking your business should be a part of this opportunity? If so, we invite you to apply here for consideration to be part of a select and carefully curated group of emerging Nordic clean- and foodtech disruptors, and SACCNY’s InnovateNordics Pitch & Investor Summit 2021 taking place in Stockholm.


What: The most efficient, cost-effective, and impactful road to entering the U.S. market, including access to SACCNY’s unique network of global corporations, mentors, and investors, a toolbox with all the knowledge, contacts, and insights necessary to succeed in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

When: SACCNY will be accepting applications in two batches. The submission deadline for applications is August 1st for batch 1 and August 15th for batch 2. The final list of selected scaleups will be made public before the program kicks off. Workshops and talks will be tailored and virtually hosted from Gateway, SACCNY’s Innovation Hub, on a weekly basis for participating businesses during September and October. The program will culminate with in-person programming and meetups from November 8-10 in New York City, including the high stakes Demo Day with company pitches and presentations to a group of notable investors, as well as potential partners and customers.



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We are currently searching for ​the most promising scaleups to join our U.S. Accelerators.

Are you a Nordic clean- or foodtech scaleup looking to fuel your U.S. expansion? Apply to SACCNY’s Accelerator Programs and InnovateNordics Meetup & Demo Day.


Are you interested in investing in the most promising Nordic  scaleups in the fields of food- and cleantech? Apply to attend our invite-only InnovateNordics Meetup & Demo Day at Nasdaq MarketSite this November.

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InnovateNordics Programming


This interactive training session will give business owners and entrepreneurs all the tips and tools to develop and execute a successful and enticing pitch well-tailored to American audiences of potential clients, investors, partners – ensuring positive attention in a very different environment from the home arena in Scandinavia. Training and tips will focus on the messaging strategies best suited for the U.S. market, giving an important edge over others competing for funding or business relationships. The group session can, in addition, be followed by individual sessions for more in-depth coaching and finessing.


The Intercultural Coaching session covers the differences and similarities between American and Scandinavian business cultures, focused on ways to successfully adapt to U.S. business style and acumen. The president of SACCNY, Anna Throne-Holst, grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, but has spent her entire professional career in the States, thus, uniquely situated to coach the ins and outs of American business markets and culture – and the many ways it differs from the Swedish approach, as well as the importance of understanding and adjusting to it. 


The legal webinars cover the essentials of everything business owners need to know with regards to the American legal system – importantly! – before coming to the U.S. and therefore avoiding costly missteps. These interactive sessions are arranged by SACCNY’s preferred legal partners and cover topics ranging from how to establish a legal entity, taxation, risk insurance, intellectual property, immigration law, and more.  


SACCNY will initiate its matchmaking process and arrange a series of B2B meetings. These meetings are tailored to range from potential clients, suppliers, investors, strategic partners and will be based on the companies’ initial partner search from the Growth strategy & Optimal Scaling Models session. 


SACCNY offers a great network of Real Estate representatives specialized in helping Scandinavian entrepreneurs launching and establishing in New York – whether planning a permanent or temporary residency. SACCNY’s housing partner will share all the tricks and loops navigating the competitive New York City housing market. 


SACCNY’s banking partners offer an introduction to the American banking system, including establishing a local bank account, transferring money, how to avert fraud – and more – will be covered as part of this webinar.


SACCNY’s communications expert will give participating business owners and scaleups an introduction to some of the most important communication differences between Sweden and the U.S., and help them adapt their marketing and communications strategy to best engage their American target audience. This webinar covers a wide range of applicable marketing methodologies tailored to the companies’ particular brand objectives, ranging from traditional media and PR tactics to social media and brand ambassadors. 


This session teaches entrepreneurs and business owners looking to internationalize how to effectively scale and tailor their business to the U.S. market. How do they identify suitable market segments? Adapt their offering to those needs and demands? Who are the key business partners and financiers entrepreneurs should be meeting? How do they best make the approach? In connection with this webinar, SACCNY’s business services team can arrange virtual one-on-one sessions to help the companies map out their ideal local network and start an initial partner search.


This panel discussion exposes participating business owners and scaleups first-hand to the many ins and outs of what to do, but most importantly, what not to do when preparing for entry into the U.S. market. The panel includes a number of Swedish scale-up companies that have already successfully walked the same path as those participating companies preparing for a U.S. launch, finishing off with an interactive Q&A session, where no question is not important! 


This session covers everything companies need to know about building and managing a team in the U.S.. The session is led by SACCNY’s professional recruiting partner and covers important considerations related to attracting, recruiting and managing local talent, and lends important pointers for creating healthy and inspiring company culture. 


SACCNY will invite its investor network to a virtual demo day. Participating companies will get the opportunity to pitch live in front of prominent investors, as well as benefit from 1:1 speed-dating sessions to follow. 


This panel discusses the clean- and foodtech markets in the U.S., and the unique opportunities that exist for Nordic companies in New York and beyond. 

A Joint Initiative

One transatlantic meetup for cleantech and foodtech



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November 2021


EY Client Lounge, Stockholm, Sweden


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