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We are proud to announce the newest addition to SACCNY’s membership directory – DeBroome. deBroome offers a cloud-based solution simplifying brand management to create engagement and maximize brand value. Through deBroome, strategic and practical information about the brand is centralized and easily shared. Using this interactive and gamified experience, companies can take it to the next level and transfer knowledge that encourages employees and partners to become brand ambassadors. deBroome was founded in 2017, with over 100 000 users in 70 different countries.



Internship at SACCNY

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York (SACCNY) is looking for a Gateway Community and Events Intern, with a start date in June/July, 2021. The internship will allow young professionals to work to promote and enhance trade, commerce, and other business relations between Sweden and the U.S. for a period of six to twelve months.  If successful, the internship could lead to a full-time position after two-three months. Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States, but do not need to speak Swedish.  


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In these rapidly changing times, it is critical to stay informed on what’s happing in the Swedish-American business community and how it may impact your business. SACCNY always compiles the latest news in business, finance, politics, and culture in its monthly newsletter. Make sure you are informed on what’s happening in the startup world, and what is going on in big business and sustainability by joining SACCNY’s Newsletter digest here.



On Thursday, May 20, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York (SACCNY) had the pleasure of meeting up with Oatly founder Björn Öste at Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square to celebrate Oatly’s IPO. When the market opened at 9:30am ET, glasses with Champagne...


Swedish media monitoring company All Ears has in recent years revolutionized the way businesses track and analyze spoken media channels. Through their platform, you can find out when your brand is mentioned in spoken media, take part in the conversation, and stay on...

Checking the Pulse with SACCNY: ewc edition

In honor of this year's Women's History Month and as part of our commitment to bringing together and highlighting female leadership through our annual Executive Women's Conference, SACCNY President, Anna Throne-Holst, was joined by three top female movers and shakers,...

Checking the Pulse with SACCNY

Building on our widely and well-received Covid-19 Action Study Phase II, SACCNY, on February 10th hosted a high-level panel discussion exploring how businesses are responding and adapting to both the current pandemic and political landscape in the U.S....

U.S. Election 2020: Economic Policy & Impact on U.S. Business Climate Under a Trump VS. Biden Administration

On October 27, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York (SACCNY) had the pleasure of inviting its members and network to an insightful webinar talk with two prominent economists representing the Republican and Democratic arguments for national economic...

Scholarship For Students Looking to Attend Uppsala University in 2021

For over one hundred years, SACCNY has been committed to promoting and facilitating the cultural exchange between Sweden and the U.S. This year, SACCNY is in collaboration with Uppsala University and is proud to announce that American students looking to apply for a...

Fredrik Reinfeldt och Anna Throne-Holst tar plats som experter i TV4:s omfattande bevakning av USA-valet

REPUBLISHED PRESS RELEASE FROM TV4  In Swedish TV4 sträcksänder rekordlång bevakning av det amerikanska presidentvalet den 3 november. Nu står det klart att Sveriges tidigare statsminister och författare till en bok om det kommande USA-valet, Fredrik Reinfeldt, och...

New SACCNY Business Member: Doconomy – building an ecosystem of green digital solutions to enable all to build back better

Doconomy provides digital solutions to track and measure your carbon footprint. Doconomy's mobile banking app, DO, manages savings and promotes sustainable consumption through tracking the climate impact of your everyday purchases. Through groundbreaking innovation,...

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