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findings & insights: saccny covid-19 action study

In collaboration with Applied Value Group, SACCNY is pleased to present our COVID-19 Business Response and Adaptation Study, conducted with the purpose of gaining insight and fuller understanding for the operational and adaptive measures undertaken by member organizations in response to the pandemic.

Your SACCNY team hopes you and your business will find the data and information herein of both interest and good use – as we extend our gratitude to all who contributed with their invaluable time and insight.

If you cannot open the link, please download the report.


helpful resources swedish businesses in the u.s. should take advantage of

This page is updated on a regular basis.

Ranging from grant loan programs to guidance and emergency planning, the team at SACCNY has compiled a list of helpful resources for Swedish businesses in the U.S. In addition to SACCNY’s capacity to support companies, we strongly encourage you to take time and read through the available financial support from the United States government.



unexpected partnerships forged between saccny members during pandemic

The SACCNY team is very happy and excited to be part of connecting and forging new partnerships between its members who help support each other and the community during the pandemic.

Please join us and engage with the SACCNY network to be part of bringing back to your community. Message us if your company has extra resources to provide and we will have a match for you!


saccny newsletter

Read now - SACCNY COVID-19 Action Study, Breakthrough in Swedish research & more COVID-19 updates

In response to novel needs under COVID-19, SACCNY has compiled all emergency news updates and resources under one newsletter.

This week’s highlights: Read now – SACCNY COVID-19 Action Study, SAS reopens routes this month, Breakthrough in Swedish research & more COVID-19 updates


Safe Six: Work Place Readiness Essentials

With SACCNY member Cushman & Wakefield In preparation for New York City’s reopening, companies must consider new safe practices in the workplace. To help with this transition, SACCNY reached into its network and connected with SACCNY member Cushman &...

The Future of Patient Care? Empowering Patients in a Digitally Accelerated World During COVID-19

With Karin Hehenberger, Founder & CEO of Lyfebulb Digital acceleration has only intensified during COVID-19. How can the healthcare industry, one that is stretched to its absolute limit, benefit from this? When it comes to treating patients, there’s more to the...

How are you sleeping and how much do you value your sleep?

The stay-at-home order has undoubtedly fundamentally changed the everyday lives of citizens around the world. With this sudden shift comes a new lifestyle with new priorities. SACCNY is tapping into its vast network of industry leaders and experts to share with you...

The Changing Nature of Insurance and Risk Management in light of the current pandemic

Interview with John Mina, CEO of DeWitt Stern Group-Risk StrategiesToday, businesses focus their energy and resources on mitigating risk and adapting their operations. Those who can accurately assess the changing nature of the market on a day-to-day basis are the...


SACCNY is the largest and most active Swedish Chamber, both in the USA and internationally. Established in 1906 with a mission to support Swedish-American business relations and Swedish companies establishing and expanding on to the American market. SACCNY acts as an...

Top tips for managing Health & Wellness During COVID-19: Casall

As we work from home to protect our health and safety, new challenges are brought to the forefront, particularly with managing individual health and wellness. In response, SACCNY has added health and wellness to its range of interest articles in order to promote...

SACCNY Participates in Fashion Revolution Week

New York City, 17 April 2020 What is happening when there is no way to meet up at New York fashion week? What happens when Covid-19 puts the pressure on an already struggling fashion Industry? And when Sustainability is the most fashionable fashion together with...

The ‘COVID’ Challenge and the Captario Solution

CEO One-on-One with Johannes Vänngård, CEO, and Erik Post, CFO & President, Captario U.S. In light of the (ongoing Coronavirus crisis and the) ramped-up race between nations and companies to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, SACCNY tapped into its vast network to...



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