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A transatlantic network of ambassadors, business executives and partners

SACCNY officers



vice chairs

                                             VICE CHAIR

vice chairs

                                                        VICE CHAIR





directors in the u.s.

ex officio

EX Officio

ex officio

EX Officio

directors outside of the U.S.

honorary board DIRECTORS

committees of the board

executive committee

Karl Wellner

Chairman: Jacob Wallenberg

Vice Chair: Cathinka E. Wahlström

Vice Chair: Anja Ioannou

Treasurer: Richard Langan

Secretary: David E. R. Dangoor, Michael M. Roberts & Maria Tufvesson Schuck

Ex officio: Anna Throne-Holst

Nominating committee

  • Chairman: David E. R. Dangoor, Richard Langan & Jacob Wallenberg
  • Ex officio: Anna Throne-Holst

finaNce committee

  • Chairman: David E. R. Dangoor
  • Susanna Svartz
  • Peter Strandell
  • Henrik Steffensen
  • Ex officio: Anna Throne-Holst,

committee of election inspectors

  • Chairman: Cathinka E. Wahlström
  • Peter Strandell
  • Maria Tufvesson Shuck
  • Ex officio: Anna Throne-Holst,

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