If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

And we are here to help you succeed. With over a century of accumulated experience, knowledge, and network and 250+ active members, SACCNY collaborates with and supports both long-standing Swedish powerhouses and has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies make it in New York. So, when it is your turn to take on one of the most competitive markets in the world – we are here to help.

back office support

Whether you’re entering a new market or establishing your company, our team of experts can help!

b2b matchmaking

Our extensive network is sure to find contacts specifically for you so can focus on boosting your business.

acceleration program

Are you a promising startup or scaleup looking to enter the U.S. market? Learn the essentials in days with our network of experts.

marketing opportunities

Grab the attention of our vast network – and we have an established platform for it.

event partnerships

Showcase your brand’s impact! We host more than 70+ events and 3 large annual conferences per year.

become a member

SACCNY’s world-acclaimed business opportunities are available to members exclusively. What are you waiting for? 

supporting hundreds of businesses per year


Hear directly from our network why they are members of SACCNY. 

providing holistic establishment support


We combine legacy and experience with innovation. SACCNY is a leading modern chamber of commerce and innovates to find new ways to promote international trade and to act as a support agent for Swedish businesses on the U.S. market.  As one of the largest Swedish chambers of commerce globally, we focus on creating value for businesses by tapping into our vast network. Our services are built on more than 114+ years of legacy, experience and knowledge – and we extend that knowledge further by partnering with top firms worldwide. 

Choose the whole package or tailor our services to what your business needs the most.  


establishment support


Whether you are a Swedish startup looking toward the U.S. market or an established business preparing for your next expansion plan, the SACCNY team has a comprehensive package for your company’s strategy. Don’t get bogged down by U.S. rules and regulations, cultural differences, and establishing your U.S. business network. We will connect with New York-based industry experts and potential business partners so you can focus on the important things – growing your business.

U.S. Partner Search

Is your business new to the U.S. market? We can jump-start your network by tapping into our own. Through SACCNY, you may be referred to:

  • New York-based industry leaders and experts
  • Academic leaders in U.S. business culture and political economy
  • Local startup and scaleup ecosystem in New York
  • Industry-related investors and venture capital
Market Launch Campaign

Let us give you a big introduction to our network, in addition to entering the U.S. market. Our mailing list, digital channels, and beyond include more than 3,000+ Swedish and American professionals, top executives, rising stars, and industry experts. We may provide:

  • Digital campaign across our digital channels
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Newsletter and website features
  • Webinar hosted by SACCNY
Prepare your business for the U.S. market

Have all your ducks in a row before you begin your new business target. Let us help you reduce the time spent on the rules and regulations of the U.S. The SACCNY team can provide:

  • Sales pitch training and coaching
  • Workshops and seminars on innovation, culture, and more
  • Optimal scaling models for company expansion
  • Smooth set up of your company in the U.S.
  • Connect with our roster of tax, immigration, and legal experts

b2b matchmaking


Using our extensive network, with hundreds of member companies and thousands of individuals, we can arrange those much-needed introductions and meetings with the right companies to help you navigate this difficult terrain. 

Partner Search

Our Business Matchmaking Program is highly tailored to your needs on the U.S. market. Structured around a concept of “perfect referrals,” our consultants, in conjunction with you, define which contacts are best for your business. We service businesses of all sizes, from startups and scaleups to well-established, multinational corporations. In a partner search, you will: 

  • Set Goals: With our team of experts, you will determine the connections to translate into growth. 
  • Find Partners: By now you will have established a wish list of companies to connect with. We will help you set up a schedule and make referrals on your behalf. 
  • Connect: Based on the partner search, our team will connect you to qualified business partners in the United States with a proven track record of creating value for Swedish businesses. 
Business Matchmaking

Hear and learn from the best! SACCNY boasts a network of top firms in the city. These companies will share how they are innovating and impacting the market today. 

For Entrepreneurs: Investors & VC

SACCNY’s network of investors is always looking for new talent! Through our numerous programs throughout the year, we connect promising scaleups to investors in the U.S.

acceleration programs


Are you looking toward the U.S. market but don’t know where to start? The SACCNY team has designed a program where promising Swedish startups and scaleups connect with New York-based industry experts and potential business partners. Tailor how you want to run this professional networking bootcamp and prepare your team for entry on the U.S. market in days. 

Workshops and coaching for your business in the U.S.

You will need to learn and adjust your skills for the U.S. market. In one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world, your expansion strategy may change. We partner with top firms in New York City to give you the latest on industry standards, trends and knowledge. Workshops and seminars may include: 

  • Intercultural Coaching 
  • Communications Strategy 
  • Sales & Pitch Training 
  • Company Visits 
  • Panel: Scaleup Companies 
  • Business Models & Optimal Scaling Models 
Setting up your company in the U.S.

As one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world, New York City has a wide range of options when it comes to banking, housing, and legal advice. We partner with the best in New York City so you can ask your questions directly, guaranteeing a relevant and accurate answer. Expertise may range from: 

  • Legal & Immigration Advice 
  • Banking in the U.S. 
  • Housing in NYC 
Accelerate your business (add-ons)

Think your company is ready to enter the U.S. market? Set up business opportunities for your company by finding key connections. Services may include: 

  • Investor & VC: Speed-dating (add-on) 
  • B2B Matchmaking (add-on) 

Please note that these services are not included in your Acceleration Program package. 

back office support


Let us handle the administration of entering the U.S. market. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will be able to support you in navigating U.S. rules and regulations.

Finance Support

Fees, fines, and financial reporting. Let us handle the financial matters while you focus on managing your company. We provide financial support with:

  • Assistance in performing audits and financial reporting to the federal-, state-, and local-level governments
  • Bookkeeping services, including invoicing and bill payments
  • Ongoing contact with local banks for cash management needs
Legal Support

Don’t let U.S. rules and regulations hold you back. Our network of legal experts stays on top of the U.S. legislations so you don’t have to. Based on your company’s needs, we will connect you with the corresponding top legal firm in New York City. Legal support may include: 

  • Assistance in filing immigration and work visa applications 
  • Assistance in applying for patents and certifications 
  • Advising on the U.S. rules and regulations 
Guidance & Administrative Support

SACCNY jump-starts Swedish companies in New York City throughout the year; we know the essentials of doing business on the U.S. market. Don’t make mistakes that will cost you. We provide support with: 

  • Assistance in registering in the U.S., including assessing the correct type of business entity 
  • Assistance on insurance matters 
  • Mail forwarding to our registered c/o SACCNY address 
  • Assistance in setting up a U.S. telephone and fax number

increase your brand’s visibility


As an ambassador of Swedish values, your company’s influence on the U.S. market as a trailblazer opens dialogues and re-orient perspectives. SACCNY acts as a support agent for promoting Swedish businesses and your company represents the best of Sweden in the U.S. From your brand’s legacy and history to the shared knowledge and expertise that make you a market leader, we open the floor to connect you to industry leaders and decision-makers in our network that share the same vision as you do. 

Tailored Event

Give-aways and speakers’ gifts. As we continue our commitment to promoting impact throughout all levels of business, our events focus on the cornerstones of Swedish business: innovation, sustainability, and equality. Share how your company has influenced the U.S. market with Swedish values. To learn more about this opportunity, please visit our Events page. 

Digital Exposure

The most effective way of reaching our network. Feature your brand in a fun and interactive way with a tailored social media campaign or collaborate with us in a featured article that is published across all our channels. We provide digital exposure with: 

  • Published on our website 
  • Email Marketing Campaign to our mailing list of 2,800+ business contacts 
  • Social Media Campaign, shared on our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 
  • Exposure report at the end of your advertising period where the SACCNY team will measure the traffic and number of ad clicks 
Traditional Print Exposure

Are you looking for a traditional exposure opportunity? We update and publish the Membership Directory and Tri-State Directory annually, allowing you to reach our members as well as Swedish-related companies in the Tri-State Area. 

  • Connect with 360+ Swedish-related companies in the Tri-State Area 
  • Advertise directly to SACCNY’s membership, ranging from top global executive to rising talents looking toward the U.S. market
Other Exposure Opportunities

Looking for something specific? Words can’t tell the whole story. We can arrange a popup corner at Gateway, our innovation office platform, dedicated to showcasing your brand. 

  • More than 3,000+ unique visitors in the past year 
  • With 300+ members in the SACCNY network 

Event Partnerships


Show your commitment to SACCNY’s journey spotlighting impact companies. We host more than 70+ events per year and 3+ large annual conferences which range from workshops and seminars to keynote speakers and popup corners at Gateway. SACCNY guarantees there is something for every type of business. 

Frequently asked questions 

How do I become a member?

We provide our business opportunities to SACCNY members. Head to our Memberships page to view the membership level for you. You will be redirected to a payment platform where you will submit your personal information. After your registration, a SACCNY team member will follow up with you regarding your needs. 

What are the benefits of joining a business network?

Unlimited business opportunities

Co-brand on our events and initiatives, partner with a connection found through the SACCNY network, you name it. As the focal point for Swedish and American businesses, we know all the opportunities available for a company.

Shared knowledge and access to connections in New York

As an institution for Swedish businesses looking to expand to New York, we have all the right contacts for your business. When you join a network of international executives, industry and thought leaders, trailblazing entrepreneurs and beyond, you join a network of expert knowledge. Whether you require legal guidance, are seeking innovation coaching or finding new marketing strategies, our list of top experts in the city can provide help!

Why become a SACCNY member?

World-class networking & business connections

Doing business in a city like New York is all about who you know. The Chamber is here to help introduce you to a unique network of companies and business professionals that can unlock unlimited opportunities for you and your business. In all likelihood, you are only a handshake away from making world-class connections.

Access to stellar business services

Being a member of SACCNY gives you access to a roster of exciting events and conferences, marketing opportunities, as well as reduced pricing on our business services offerings.

A diverse network of companies and professional members

With a vast and constantly growing network of members representing all sectors and industries, we make it our mission to create and maintain an actively engaged network of professionals and companies ranging from startups to major global corporations. Whatever you decide is right for you, your membership means being part of a network with an impressive legacy of creating value for Swedish-American business.

How many Acceleration Programs are organized each year?

We accelerate dozens of promising Swedish companies per year. With exciting panel discussions, breakfast seminars, workshops and after-work mixers, we have something for every business!

What support can non-members get?

SACCNY acts as a support agent for all Swedish businesses entering the U.S. market, however, to access our business services, partner searches and connect with our network of members, membership is required.

What is a "Partner Search"?

Starting at the Bronze level, we can help you make meaningful connections and introduce you to relevant business partners on the U.S. market. SACCNY cultivates a network of 250+ active members across more than 30 industries. 

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Contact us directly and start accessing your business potential.

Irena Nilaj

Gateway & Event Manager, SACCNY