are you ready for the u.S. market?

With over one hundred years of experience, SACCNY knows that if your business is going to succeed here, you need the right tools. We’ve accumulated the right contacts, partners, and business services to ensure your business gets noticed and flourishes the way you want it to. Gain access to an entire network of business professionals and the support you need to make it in the United States.

“SACCNY has been an important part of Maria Nila’s success in the U.S. market launch. Apart from offering a great office space and business environment, we have received a lot of help from the Chamber’s experienced team through their Business Services and B2B Matchmaking, specifically with legal and accounting expertise in entering the market – both in terms of direct insight and great referrals to market and industry experts.” 

Jan Arnheim, Commercial Director – Maria Nila

“We had a lot of help with administration through the recommendation of partners that could help us with legal aspects and all the things you have to do.  I am a strong believer in networks and to share your knowledge to help each other succeed. SACCNY is not only a strong network but also has the experience to help Swedish brands establish themselves on the American market.”

Kristina Lindhe, Founder, CEO & Creative Director – Lexington Company


Business Support office

Let us handle the administration of entering the U.S. market. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will be able to support you in navigating U.S. rules and regulations.



Using our extensive network consisting of hundreds of member companies and thousands of individuals, we can arrange those much-needed introductions and meetings with the right companies to help you navigate this difficult terrain.



Our print and digital channels have a unique reach to an influential and active audience. Share the story of your brand in our channels which can be tailored to your specific communications goals.



New York is a fast-paced city where time is of the essence. Let us help you secure and arrange meetings and make the right connections for your company, making the most out of your stay here.


Acceleration weeks

Give your company a head start and become experts in entering the U.S. market in days.

Applications for the next Acceleration Program is now open! APPLY NOW


business support office

ESTABLISHING CONTACTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATES. Let SACCNY’s Business Support Office help you gain the competitive advantage that a local presence brings so you can maintain your edge and make it on the highly competitive U.S. market.

U.S. assistant establish services

Assistance in registering in the U.S., including assessing correct type of business entity

U.S. telephone and fax number

Assistance on insurance matters

Mail forwarding and registered c/o address at:
900 Third Avenue, 29th floor, New York City

Bookkeeping services, including invoicing, and bill payments

Assistance in performing audits and financial reporting to federal, state, and local governments

Ongoing contact with local banks for cash management needs

business matchmaking

ESTABLISHING CONTACTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATES. Those who have already tried know the high cost of planning and implementing a value-creating mission in the United States. Using our extensive network consisting of hundreds of member companies and thousands of individuals, we can arrange those much-needed introductions and meetings with the right companies to help you navigate this difficult terrain.



What fuels your business? What connections do you need to make it in the United States? SACCNY will help you set goals and identify relevant business partners.


Let’s get you connected

Based on your goals, our consultants will identify relevant partners in our extensive network.


It’s a match!

Based on the partner search, our team will connect you to qualified business partners in the United States with a proven track record of creating value for Swedish businesses.


With the help of the Chamber’s extensive network and world-renowned reputation, we can offer your company customized introductions and meetings with your American counterparts and key players in your industry.


You don’t have to be Volvo, Skanska, or Ikea to benefit from SACCNY’s services. Our Business Matchmaking Program services all business sizes, from startups to well-established, multinational corporations.


Our Business Matchmaking Program is highly tailored to your needs on the American market. It is structured around a concept of “perfect referrals,” i.e., our consultants, in conjunction with you, define which contacts are best for your business.

start your search

share your brand’s story to the saccny network

TELL THE STORY OF YOUR BRAND IN AN AUTHENTIC WAY. Over our 100+ years of promoting business between Sweden and the United States, we have developed a solid platform for exposure and stellar marketing tools. Our channels exist to bring companies together with the single mission of promoting you and your business in our vast network.

our vision

Since 2018, SACCNY has strived to promote impact across business. In doing so, we act as a role model for chambers of commerce — in a modern way.

This is where you come in.

We want to tell your brand’s story and journey as an influencing impact-maker in an interesting and authentic way. Our goal is to spotlight companies that best represent high level impact. As an ambassador of Swedish values, your company’s influence in the market as a trailblazer opens dialogues and re-orient perspectives. SACCNY acts as a support agent for promoting Swedish businesses and your company represents the best of Sweden in the US. From your brand’s legacy and history to the shared knowledge and expertise that make you a market leader, we want to open the floor and connect you to industry leaders and decision-makers in our network that share the same vision as you do.

exposure opportunities


Tailored Campaign or Featured Article

Distributed on our website, mailing list, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

This is the most effective way of reaching our network. Feature your brand in a fun and interactive way with a tailored social media campaign or include a featured article that is published across all our channels. The SACCNY team will measure the traffic and number of ad clicks and send you an elaborate report at the end of your advertising period.


Over 3000+ unique visitors this past year

With 300+ members in the SACCNY network

Contact with over 500+ Swedish-related companies in the Tri-State Area

Looking for something specific? Words can’t tell the whole story. We can arrange a corner at Gateway, our innovation office platform, dedicated to showcasing your brand.

Or are you looking for a traditional exposure opportunity? We update and publish the Membership Directory and Tri-State Directory annually, allowing you to reach our members as well as Swedish-related companies in the Tri-State Area.

event partnerships


Give-aways and speakers gifts. As we are committed to promoting impact throughout all levels of business, our events touch on the core tenants of impact: innovation, sustainability and equality. Share how your company has influenced the US market with Swedish values.


A sustainability initiative where we host 4-6 events annually with a special sustainability and impact focus — highlighting companies’ sustainability work. In 2020, we are ramping up our sustainable design events and involving you in one of our themed events.


Spotlighting Swedish innovation, a sponsored networking cocktail at Gateway. Pick a topic of your choice related to innovation and we will invite our network.


We can plan a company visit and networking event and invite our younger members for an interesting mingle event, a lunch and/or workshop.


Invitation to these events are exclusive and reserved for top level executives within our network. Show off your Swedish values and reach this core group of decision-makers. Annual Swedish celebrations include our Crayfish Celebration, Midsommar Event and Lucia Luncheon, which are all annual events.


NEED HELP PLANNING YOUR BUSINESS TRIP TO NEW YORK? New York is a fast-paced city where time is of the essence. Let us help you secure and arrange meetings and make the right connections for your company, making the most out of your stay here.


Thanks to the Chamber’s prominent reputation and well-established network in America, we can tailor delegation trips to fit you or your client’s objectives. They may include, but are not limited to, visits and meetings with representatives of public authorities, private and public companies, trade associations, scientific institutions and global NGOs.  


Scout the U.S. market before launch!  Are you a startup or an entrepreneur curious about opportunities across the Atlantic? The Chamber’s services range from organizing single visits at an institution of your choice, to creating a full agenda for your entire stay, including educational modules aimed at giving you a crash course in different aspects of American business life. 

Please be advised that the chances of securing the visits and meetings most rewarding to you, greatly increases when given some lead-time. Do not hesitate to contact us, even though your plans may still be in development – we are happy to help in whatever way we can.

WANT TO ENTER THE U.S. MARKET BUT DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START? Through our extensive network, we can connect you with New York industry experts, holding seminars and workshops to prepare you for your company’s entry in days.

accelerate your entry on the u.s. market

meet investors and business partners

With over one hundred years of accumulated and curated contacts, the Chamber is well equipped with matching you with the right investors. Get the attention of prominent industry investors and solidify your position in the U.S. market.

seminars & workshops

Gain insider information on navigating the U.S. market. We will invite top industry experts so that they can provide helpful information on how to successfully land in the U.S. Each seminar and workshop will be tailored to the needs of your company’s goals. Seminars and workshops include and are not limited to strategy planning, how to navigate U.S. rules and regulations, communications and marketing strategies and more.

b2b matchmaking

Accelerate your potential in the U.S. market and get those much-needed business introductions. Our chamber can assist you with meeting top-level executives based in the U.S. and New York. You will find a strong list of contacts by working with our Business Services team.

company visits

Meet potential partners in a personal way. We can connect you and provide introductions at company headquarters. Meet and discuss with top-level executives and learn from those who are already established.