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Published: May 18, 2023 | Author: SACCNY

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Published: February 2, 2024 | Author: SACCNY



Our top picks for mentions of us in the press.

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“A Gateway to Success, New York’s  Swedish Co-Working Space” | Umgås Magazine

The Swedish Energy Agency releases which 5 companies have been selected to sit at Gateway as part of the clean-tech hub | Press Release

SACCNY’s annual Lucia celebration and Gateway’s soft launch party | Swedes in the States

Micvac’s victory of the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award | Packaging World

The Swedish Government offices published UN Ambassador Olof Skoog’s keynote speech at Sustainology Summit 2018 | Press Release

Our new initiative to have a CleanTech Hub at Gateway together with Energimyndigheten and an interview with Anders Wall Award winner Willem Sundblad | DI double spread

Nasdaq’s article on the Innovate46 conference | Press Release

H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria visits Gateway | Swedes in the States

H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit at Gateway mentioned | Royal Central

Collaboration between SACCNY and Epicenter with Gateway x Epicenter | Digital NYC

Anna Throne-Holst in interview with Göteborgs Posten on how Gateway can be a facilitator for Swedish companies in their U.S. launch | Göteborgs Posten

H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit at Gateway as “one of the largest initiatives to promote Swedish trade and export in North America” | The Swedish Royal Court

H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit in New York and at Gateway | Svensk Damtidning

H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit in New York and at Gateway | Expressen

H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s visit in New York, mentioning her visit with SACCNY | Aftonbladet

Putting Sweden on the Map, interview with Anna Throne-Holst | Swedish Press

The 10 Swedish companies participating in the Innovate46 acceleration week program | Dagens Analys

Örebro University about SACCNY’s new Scholarship | Press Release

Micvac nominated for SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award | Packaging World

Micvac nominated for the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award  |

SACCNY President, Anna Throne-Holst featured in Fokus: Swedes in New York | Fokus

Interview with DigiExam | Tillväxtverket

“The Swedish entrepreneurial boom – how long can it continue?” in Almedalen | DI

On the news about Gateway x Epicenter | It-kanalen

About Gateway x Epicenter | Swedes in the States

Näringslivets sommarpratare | DI

SACCNY and Epicenter presenting the partnership to launch Gateway x Epicenter | DI Digital

SACCNY and Epicenter regarding the partnership of Gateway x Epicenter | BreakIT

Epicenter about Innovation hub Gateway x Epicenter | My Newsdesk

Opening of Innovation hub Gateway x Epicenter | Dagens Media

SACCNY’s President Anna Throne-Holst visits Örebro university | Press Release

Live interview in Dagens Industri and Expressen on the listing of Spotify | Expressen

Interview with Anna Throne-Holst | Svensk Damtidning

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