Reconnecting People With Nature: Recharge by Unplugging

  Treebath is a new nature-based company offering programs designed to combat the current “indoor” epidemic by bringing people back outdoors. Treebath’s programs, based on forest therapy, or shinrin yoku, the research-based practice of immersing oneself in nature, has proven the ability to reduce stress and improve physical health. Scientific research demonstrates that walking in a tree-lined environment is linked with lower levels of stress hormones, lower blood pressure, a lower pulse, and can even increase by 50 percent the so-called “cancer killer” cells that fight off infections and cancer.

Leveraging this data and research, Treebath’s unique class curriculum combines traditional forest bathing techniques with Swedish-based movements to maximize these effects in an accessible format. Treebath’s adult programs can help people reap the benefits of being in nature and maximize its lasting effects in as short as a 30-minute session. Without the need for equipment or special gear, Treebath’s courses can be adapted to even the smallest greenspaces.

Oskar Elmgart, Co-Founder


Put yourself in the driver’s seat by use of 2c8 software

2conciliate Business Solutions AB is a company that has developed the 2c8 software program. The purpose of 2conciliate is to develop, sell, and deliver knowledge by using the 2c8 software that maps, analyzes, develops and supports ongoing businesses. 2c8 software delivers a clear picture of governance, making sure customers and stakeholders’ needs and requirements are met. The most common target areas are management systems (compliance with ISO, SOX etc.), implementation of IT systems, and digitization. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Karlstad, 2conciliate has customers in 40 countries worldwide. The company aims to provide its customers with the most user-friendly tools on the market with low-cost implementation.


JanE Larsson, CEO


ECI Media Management
Providing Higher Media Value to Advertisers

ECI Media Management is one of the world’s largest media audit consultancies with a global footprint specializing in providing independent advice to advertisers.

The company’s clients are some of the world’s largest advertisers. ECI Media Management helps them by evaluating and enhancing the outcome by performing media benchmarking audits and financial media audits. The company runs full pitch management, with fee and media cost benchmarking and advise on client/agency contract architecture to address transparency issues such as financial audit rights, data ownership, and AVBs.

ECI Media Management’s latest offering is a state-of-the art programmatic audit service—a forensic service that results in actionable insights and transparency that will give back the control of programmatic buys.

Peter Kusoffsky, CEO North America


Repeatedly topping the list of the world´s most interacted articles on Facebook

With 50 million readers every month, N365 Group and their social media site Newsner know what good content is. “Many in this industry believe they know what good content is, but we let the data and numbers tell us what’s good,” says Jonna Säll, Country Manager, N365 Group U.S.

Again and again, the company manages to create some of the world’s most clicked-on articles as well and most viewed Facebook videos. Intelligence acquired from the company’s social media site is then applied to their advertising campaigns—yet another recipe for success. They focus on maximum impact with their unique datadriven optimization.

N365 Group clients include American Express, Coca Cola, Qatar Airways, Volkswagen, Nespresso, and SAS.

Jonna Säll, Country Manager


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