BrainLit North America Inc

BrainLit AB was founded in 2012 in Lund Sweden by leading engineers, with a mission to sustain the natural rhythm of life by personalizing light.

In today’s society, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors or operating as “shift workers” either awake late or up early. These conditions severely disrupt our natural synchronization due to lack of exposure to sunlight, at the correct time of day, delivered in the right way.

The consequences of inadequate light are scientifically proven – including a Nobel Prize Award in Circadian Medicine – to reduce productivity, alertness and sleep, creating significant detrimental long-term health benefits. The World Health Organization suggests that shift work is a probable carcinogen, for instance.

BrainLit’s patented BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL) solutions, reproducing natural daylight indoors, and focus on the four dimensions of true natural light delivery to enhance circadian response: Time; Duration; Intensity; Direction.

BCL environments include sensors and algorithm-based recipes – Autolight recipe – to adapt to different users, occupations and times of day. The variation of the spectral composition in a light recipe promotes the natural circadian rhythm which increases efficiency and improves sleep.

BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL) can be utilized in any indoor enterprise or individual user location. We cater to different segments such as professional office environments, industrial facilities, health care institutions, educational campuses, and hospitality businesses, for instance.

In 2019, BrainLit North America Inc was established to provide access to BioCentric Lighting™ in the United States market, and is a proud member of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Oliver Moorhouse President

Mirador Real Estate

Mirador Relocation specializes in finding your employees apartments in NYC and throughout the US. Employees receive a personal hands-on service that is both accessible and straightforward. Our process begins with an overview of the New York City sales or rental market from seasoned real estate broker, Thomas Walker. Thomas has been providing relocation services for over 15 years, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 international companies to startups looking to grow in America.

The process begins with a phone call before arriving in the US, in which Thomas gives a general overview and grasps exactly what the client is looking for. Then comes visiting locations with area tours and showings, understanding what documents are needed, and prepping for applications. Thomas takes a daunting task like relocating and organizes it into simple steps, assisting you all the way through to giving you the key to your new home.

Mirador Relocation is part of Mirador Real Estate, managed by Karla Saladino, that brings hundreds of exclusive apartments to market each month. Additional resources include the citywide listings database that allows access to every apartment on the market, leaving an abundance of options from which to choose. When taking the leap, Mirador Relocation has you covered with experts in the field and technologies that guarantee the most exclusive apartments in New York City.

Contact: Thomas Walker CEO thomas.walker@