Announcing the 6th annual conference on Swedish innovation, SACCNY is proud to announce the 2019 theme for the Innovate46 Conference. This year, Innovate46 will be focusing on business through impact and how these cutting-edge businesses can be both sustainable and innovative while growing and turning a profit. 

A center for tech, innovation, investments and everything in between, New York City is an ideal location for tech developments to advance. Furthermore, Stockholm is second only to Silicon Valley in terms of tech innovation, making Sweden an industry leader in tech and innovation. By bringing together Swedish innovative entrepreneurs and New York City’s local business environment, Innovate46 creates a knock-out combination focusing on solving today’s global social problems.

Change is only possible when a community, no matter how large, comes together and think of solutions together. This year’s partners include EY, Nasdaq, Anders Walls Stiftelse, and the Swedish Energy Agency. Their generous contributions bring an important message that “Impact is good business” and more importantly, bring this year’s conference to the big stage at Nasdaq!