COMMUNITY NETWORKS. SACCNY has a long history of supporting voices in innovation, impact, and sustainability and offers highly appreciated event tracks for diverse industry verticals where Sweden acts as a leader and commands strong industry presence. Whether you are looking to meet change-makers, learn more about technologies and their impact, or to get involved with your business community, you will be able to find a spot in SACCNY’s community networks.



Within SACCNY’s vast business network, the Chamber is devoted to providing niche networks for individuals looking to meet impact movers and shakers, change-makers, policy-makers, both in the public and private sectors. Spend an impactful night at one of our event series, and learn how you can maximize your time with SACCNY’s networks.

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In a time where the world is battling the clock on climate change, we believe business has a crucial role to play. Impact Track conducts regular deep-dive into subjects related to sustainability relevant to all organizations.


Technology can and will change the world for good. Featuring Swedish tech companies with insight, insider information, and analyses on upcoming trends and events in the industry. 


A collaboration between the Nordic Chambers of Commerce in New York and bringing together Nordic knowledge, perspectives and values and acting as a catalyst for increased collaboration in the U.S. market.



Collaboration is the most effective way to achieve positive impact. If we can harness the weight of the innovation, financial and private sectors, we have the capacity to change at unprecedented scale. The SACCNY Impact Track is created to be a catalyst for engaging businesses in this work.

Sweden is world-renowned as “the innovation nation” and is simultaneously striving to become a leader in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. This combination has led Sweden to become a hub for impact-producing startups with cutting-edge ideas on how to galvanize positive change in every industry. Many of these companies have ambitions to have an impact on a global scale and are at the same time eager to collaborate with the private sector, corporate world, financial sector, and policy.

SACCNY’s mission is to create synergies between Swedish and American companies and is now gearing its energy toward building a network of sustainability movers and shakers. In a time where we are battling the clock against climate change, we believe that business has a big role to play. By facilitating learning and building partnerships between companies across sectors and continents, we can move towards reducing negative impact faster.

The Impact Track aims to build coordinated movements of global companies, social entrepreneurs and investors and shape an impact network based on the type of collaboration that can scale impact.

SACCNY is taking its Impact Track series to the next level in 2020 by combining Impact Track events with a new series of Sustainability Leadership Summits.

Swedish companies active in New York have a unique position. Fueled by the strong Swedish commitment to sustainability while located in New York with its access to global collaboration, impact, talent, and technology, the New York offices have the potential to substantially contribute to their companies’ sustainability work. They can do so both by providing new perspectives and by accelerating the current pace of impact. However, the U.S. market also entails specific challenges, in management and in societal structure, that differ from other parts of the world.

Successfully integrating sustainability into an existing organization requires committed leadership and motivation. The private sector‘s journey to sustainability has only just begun and is still far from achieving its goals. Lack of leadership for sustainable development in the corporate world, conflicting priorities in the financial sector, a lack of transparency towards the end consumers, and impact entrepreneurs not scaling their solutions are all challenges that we can overcome by sharing, learning and innovating. The shift to sustainable business will require a high degree of transparency, cross-sectoral idea sourcing and sharing of best practice with key-stakeholders, peers, policy makers, investors and consumers.


We are committed to creating a high-profile impact network that stretches over industries and sectors. Supporting the SACCNY Impact Track and ecosystem, are these international change-makers.

With the strongest voices in impact, SACCNY’s Impact Track Ambassadors support the ecosystem of global impact-makers.

Stockholm Fashion Week was canceled in the name of climate impact and sustainability. The net effect? The “Sustainable Fashion Capital of the World” is gearing up to change the way the world produces, purchases and consumes clothes forever.

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Date: November 21, 2019
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Moderator: Michael Ferraro, Executive Director, Fashion Institute of Technology/Infor DTech Lab

Speaker lineup includes: Jennie Rosén, CEO, Swedish Fashion Council, Helena Waker, CEO, Association of Trade Partners Sweden and Founder, Stockholm Fashion District

Partners: Consulate General of Sweden, Invest Stockholm, Fjällräven, Nudie Jeans, Gudrun Sjöden, The Swedish Villa, Renewcell, We aRe SpinDye, Arctic Design of Sweden

Opportunity to meet companies such as

Session tailored to effectively bridge capital with great ideas through face-to-face matchup between great ideas and investors. A selection of Nordic startups were connected with impact investors during the event.

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Date: October 18, 2019
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Spotlighting Green innovation from the sprawling startup ecosystem in New York – and – from the Nordics.

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Date: September 26, 2019
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Co-Hosts: International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) and Climate Link NYC.


A forum for discussion and action planning at the intersection of tech, VR and impact. Because technology can, and will, change the world for good.

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Date: September 18, 2019
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Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, UNICEF
Sofia Breitholtz, Reach for Change
Susanna Pollack, Games for Change

The premiere of the SACCNY Impact Track gathered 80+ investors, startups and impact makers.

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Date: June 18, 2019
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Anna Ryott, Summa Equity
Sophie Stenbeck, Max Ventures
John Nevado, Align17

Startups: CAKE, Orbital Systems, The Humble Co., Provement & The Good Fridge.

Investors on the guestlist from: EQT, Blackrock, Merril Lynch, Antler, Avenue Capital, Village Capital, Lionpoint Capital & more.


technology can and will change the world for good

We welcome you to a truly unique and innovative night with outstanding networking opportunities. SACCNY is committed to promoting impact through innovation. With outstanding line-ups of speakers, Innovation Night is geared toward those who seek to learn about insider industry knowledge with exclusive networking opportunities.

Meet entrepreneurs, industry and thought leaders, investors, and more at Gateway Innovation Night. These curated events will leave you reflecting on how you can become an impact-leader through innovation.

Dive into the world of technology and explore new innovations. Featuring Swedish tech companies with insight, insider information, and analyses on upcoming trends and events in the industry.

Join us at Gateway as we discuss new technologies and get hands-on experience through VR, AR, and other techs. Previous Innovation Night Speakers include Pontus Axelsson, Bontouch; Sudhir Venkatesh, Twitter; Susanne Birgersdotter, Serial Entrepreneur & Author, and more.

past & upcoming innovation nights

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Innovation Night with Kobalt
October 10, 2019 | View photos

An exciting Innovation Night with Willard Ahdritz, Founder & CEO of Kobalt. Kobalt is a music and technology company built for artists, songwriters, publishers, and labels as an alternative to the traditional music business model.

Kobalt’s commitment to technology, transparency, and creators’ rights has driven tremendous growth year-over-year for the company and its clients.

Today, Kobalt’s Music Publishing and Neighbouring Rights Society (AMRA), and AWAL divisions serve 600 publishers and over 40,000 artists and songwriters, including Childish Gambino, Miles Davis, Dave Grohl, Enrique Iglesias, Lauv, Lorde, Zayn Malik, Bob Marley, Marshmello, Max Martin, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, The Weeknd, and many more.

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Innovation Night with Bontouch
September 12, 2019 | View photos

Together we dove into the world of technology. This evening was focused on presentation and analysis of some of the world’s largest players in tech, presented by Pontus AxelssonCo-founder of Bontouch.

The night included a tech safari featuring Greg Harper and Hannes Bend from Breathing A.I. with everything from robots to VR glasses.

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Innovation Night with Isabella Löwengrip
June 6, 2019 | View photos

We invite you to an Innovation Night focusing on entrepreneurship and brand-building on the U.S. market, featuring the Swedish serial entrepreneur and pioneer within influencer marketing, Isabella Löwengrip. Please welcome our newest Gateway member, who is currently venturing into the American market.

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Innovation Night – Digital Entrepreneurship
March 27, 2019

For this event, we shifted the focus to digital entrepreneurship and in the spotlight was Susanne Birgersdotter, also known as the “app-queen” of Sweden.

She is a perfect example of how you can reach your dreams – despite not having a formal education in programming or engineering, she has managed to develop 20 apps and counting, with several hitting #1 in the App Store. She provided insights into the larger startup scene, reflecting on women in tech.

all eyes are on you: be the next Swedish spotlight


forming the largest nordic network in. the u.s.

A SACCNY initiative with The Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, and Norwegian Chambers of Commerce in New York. With this, we hope to strengthen Nordic relations and create a professional support network for Nordic businesses on the U.S. market. Our aim is to cover topics of interest to the Nordic-American business community – bringing together Nordic knowledge, perspectives, and values and acting as a catalyst for increased commercial collaboration in the U.S. market.

meet the nordics

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce

The Danish-American Chamber of Commerce

The Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce

The Icelandic-American Chamber of Commerce

past & upcoming nordic topics

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Living as an Expat
Postponed due to COVID-19 | View details

More information to come.


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Taste of the Nordics: A Business Case
November 9, 2019 | View photos

A night of mingling and tasting Nording culture.

The Nordic Chambers of Commerce in New York are excited to present its second event of the Nordic Series, focused on Nordic food and beverage on the U.S. market.

Enjoy an array of Nordic flavors, along with a panel of Nordic entrepreneurs and producers sharing and discussing their respective experiences, successes and challenges, when building a Nordic brand on the U.S. market.

Speakers from this event include Morten Sohlberg, proprietor of Blenheim Hospitality Group; Leonard Schaltz, Co-Founder at BonBon; John Heath, Chief of Innovation at Icelandic Provisions; Sam Mc Cormick, the Creative Chef of Gold&Green Foods and Gabriel Sorgi, the U.S. Operations Director at OLE & STEEN.

Tasting tables included A .C. Perchs ThehandelArla Foods, BonBonNorwegian BakedThe Jarlsberg® brand of cheese, OLE & STEEN, Grow and Icelandic Provisions.

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Human Resources & Cultural Differences
September 16, 2019 | View photos

Preparing your team to expand into the U.S. market.

This evening featured Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO of ManpowerGroup and Christian Luiga, President & CEO of Telia Company.

Along with experts Rhonda Moore, Human Resources Director at Barclays Center, and Steven Perri, Chairman of the American Scandinavian Foundation and President of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, we learned about human resources and the cultural differences between the Nordics and the U.S.

Specifically, we discussed how to create accurate, realistic, and legally-compliant job descriptions, conduct interviews; how to spot good signs and red flags; convert your new hire into a productive and content employee; manage straight-forward separations; and understand cultural differences between the Nordics and the U.S.

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