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    November 13, 2018
    388 Greenwich Street
    New York City

    The annual SACCNY – Deloitte Green Award is, in connection with the Sustainology Summit, presented to a Swedish company that clearly demonstrates forward-thinking and innovation within sustainability.

    and the 2018 nominees are

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    Beneficial to the environment and environmentally sustainable.

    A breakthrough “green” invention or technology linked to the food chain.

    Commercialized or close to commercial release

    Thank you! Your vote has been counted. Stay tuned to see which company gets to go to New York!

    Past Award Recipients

    2017: WHYWASTE - Reducing food waste through data driven workflows

    2016: JUST COMMON SENSE - Crop and cut crops without herbicides

    2015: ALNARP CLEANWATER - Natural wastewater treatment designed to meet future demands

    2014: EkoBalans - Creating plant nutrients by using nutritious residue otherwise wasted

    2013: Heliospectra - Vertical farming solutions for repeatable and predictable results

    2012: Plantagon - Feeding the city, building the future

    2011: Solvatten - Water treatment improving water security


    Showcasing the exciting field of tech and innovation within the food industry will be speakers and participants representing the perspectives of Swedish and American academics, politicians, entrepreneurs, chefs, sustainability experts, and executives.

    In the spirit of UN Sustainable Development Goal #17, Sustainology 2018 will feature decision-makers from New York City and Stockholm with the purpose of creating sister partnerships across borders.
    The program will highlight the latest innovations within the food tech industry and invite opportunities for cross-pollination between the public and private sector.

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