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Innovation runs in the veins of Swedish entrepreneurs and flows fast through the beating heart of New York Citi. The two cities have collectively produced a striking amount of ideas on how to solve today’s most pressing issues in every industry. Now, the food industry is getting ready to latch onto the innovation wave and converge with technology to combine competitiveness with sustainability and is getting ripe to revolutionize our everyday life. The toolbox is there – now we need a strategy to start using it! The Sustainology Summit 2018 brings together Stockholm- and New York – based – decision – makers, entrepreneurs and disruptive companies – all with a focus on UN Sustainable Development Goal #17- finding new pathways and

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Last year's summit was a day jam-packed with intense learning, sharing and co-creation.

It was divided into four main areas covering the entire food chain - from seed to feed.

The summit started with discussions about the Role of Business Beyond Short-Term Profits and a Food Tech Prophecy.


Secondly, issues connected to transportation & packaging were discussed through Urban Freight Research Projects in New York City.

And also Innovative & Sustainable Packaging Solutions.


Area three covered the difficulties with production:

One Source, One Community.

Empowering Millennials to Become Leaders in the Real Food Revolution

Algae did it First

A Journey Towards Better Food


Last but not least, the summit wrapped up by looking into the last link in the chain: consumption and waste. Here are some of the topics discussed:

Our Good Idea for Your Good Health.

Bringing Chemical Detection to Everyday Life While Helping Reduce Food Waste

Pitch! Why Generic Solutions When We´re All Different?

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If you are a member of the press, please contact Yasmina Backström prior to the event to recieve your press accreditation.



Sustainology is all about action – get your creative juices flowing at one of our workshops that have been designed for you to be able to shape the future of food!


Food Waste Role Play
Ricky Stephens, AgTech X and Wythe Marschall, Harvard & Cornell

Push yourself outside of the box! This workshop is designed to come up with creative, long-term and collaborative solutions toward a zero-waste future. Participants will be assigned a role (such as policy maker, entrepreneur or chef) and together find strategies for dealing with food waste under a variety of different scenarios. Finally, participants will vote for the solution that they feel best suits them - but, without a majority, it will be time lost and back to the drawing board.

Don't worry, there is more to come! The summit will offer six unique, hands-on workshops. that will get us that much closer to solving food. Stay tuned!

Food Marker

Are you a fellow foodie? Thought so! Explore the new generation of food products at our Food Market, where innovative companies will showcase their sustainable and healthy products. Meet the entrepreneurs who think outside the (lunch) box and taste their products – we promise this will tickle your fancy AND your taste buds.

Nomad Trading Co aims to improve daily caffeination by providing radically sustainable, functional beverages.  We believe that there are better options than coffee, tea and energy drinks.  Beverages should offer higher antioxidant activity, greater nutrition, and have an actively positive economic and environmental impact.  We make these drinks from simple, healthy, natural ingredients, while remaining accessible for all consumers.

Functional & Ready to Blend Smoothie Ingredients

ROOT was developed to help time strapped, health conscious and eco savvy consumers fuel their bodies and stay on top of their nutrition goals with the healthiest smoothie blends on the planet.

Chefs and nutritionists develop blends based on function. The raw, organic and superfood heavy ingredients are then pre-portioned and package into single serve, compostable pouches and delivered to freezers in homes and businesses across 25 states.

Simris Alg is a pioneering agribusiness growing algae in Sweden. Our mission as algae farmers is to empower healthy and planet-friendly lifestyles, by delivering superior algae-based products.

Simris® Algae Omega-3 is our premium line of omega-3 supplements, a natural, pure and sustainable alternative to fish oil. Simris® Select is our line of algae superfoods, handpicked from European algae farmer friends. All products are non-GMO and produced without the use of organic solvents or any ingredients of animal origin.

Our business philosophy is based on the synergy between state of the art technology, branding and design. We pride ourselves on being forerunners in the bio-based economy.


N!CK’S is a young and dynamic Swedish company which consists of people passionate about food and health. We believe in the simple idea that food should not only taste good, it should also be good for you and the people you love. We offer great tasting confectionery and snacks but never add sugar to any of our products. Not now, not ever. Join Our Fight on Sugar at Nicks.se

Enjoy the Dokebi Flavor Journey!

Probiotic-rich, loaded with vitamins  and antioxidants, kimchee is not only delicious taste but healthy.  Our kimchee is neither heated nor treated with preservatives.  Just good old fermentation.  When in season our radish and cabbage kimchees are local & organic and labeled as such.

Distinctively, bold and rich with history, kimchee has  enhanced Korean meals with its uniquely savory, spicy & tangy flavors for centuries.  Today kimchee had branched beyond it roots and is a coveted compliment to almost any meal:  Sandwiches, eggs, grilled meats, soups, charcuterie and so much more.

Good Idea – The Swedish Sugar Buster was developed by Adventure AB, a Swedish company with a proven track record in successfully taking research-based, healthy foods to market. Our activities and development projects gather knowledge from a large number of research fields and are led by the principle “Science guided by nature”. Their mission is to make the world healthier by offering attractive and scientifically proven products to the market. It is Positive Lifestyle Change made Easy.


The annual SACCNY – Deloitte Green Award is, in connection with the Sustainology Summit, presented to a Swedish company that clearly demonstrates forward-thinking and innovation within sustainability. The nominees all wear a halo for contibuting to a healther, more sustainable food system, but which one will wear the crown? The winner will be announced on stage in New York. Exciting!

Vote for your favorite game-changer:

for nomination

Beneficial to the environment and environmentally sustainable.

A breakthrough “green” invention or technology linked to the food chain.

Commercialized or close to commercial release

Thank you! Your vote has been counted. Stay tuned to see which company gets to go to New York!

Past Award Recipients

2017: WHYWASTE - Reducing food waste through data driven workflows

2016: JUST COMMON SENSE - Crop and cut crops without herbicides

2015: ALNARP CLEANWATER - Natural wastewater treatment designed to meet future demands

2014: EkoBalans - Creating plant nutrients by using nutritious residue otherwise wasted

2013: Heliospectra - Vertical farming solutions for repeatable and predictable results

2012: Plantagon - Feeding the city, building the future

2011: Solvatten - Water treatment improving water security


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our mission

How is cricket flour produced in Stockholm and laboratory-farmed burger patties from Brooklyn connected? Most people would answer: “they are both alternative protein sources”. We say: “they are both game changers”.

For the past decade, FoodTech-companies have been sprouting through the cracks of a broken food system, not only changing our minds about food but also redesigning ingredients on our plate. At the cutting edge of normalizing 3D-printed protein, digitalizing food consumption and uber-ifying food distribution we find two straight-A students…

The cities of Stockholm and New York have proven to be exceptionally fertile ground for the global FoodTech movement and have simultaneously raised the bar for urban goals connected to sustainability through food, by setting ambitious goals within three main areas:

  1. Achieving zero food waste
  2. Cutting green house gas emissions by more than half
  3. Dramatically reducing water waste

To acheive these goals — we are in need of practical implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #17: Partnership for sustainable development. With the Sustainology Summit as a platform; Stockholm- and New York-based decision-makers, entrepreneurs and disruptive companies find new pathways to make this a reality.

WE hope you
join the movement

Read more about sustainology

The Sustainology Summit

The Sustainology Summit, previously known as the Green Summit, From Farm to Fork, was launched in 2008 by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York. The conference was initiated to focus on sustainability and the most pressing eco-related issues of contemporary society. In 2017, the conference was renamed “the Sustainology Summit” which started a new chapter within FoodTech with a special focus on production, transportation and packaging, consumption, and waste. In 2016, the conference was dedicated to the future of food, with the theme “Exploring the Secret of the Three-Course Pill”. Other past conferences have touched upon food sustainability, clean tech, and water management. The conference has featured speakers from leading companies concerned with the core eco-related issues presented at the summit. Notable past speakers include Gerd Diewald, Head of IKEA US Foods, Josefin Strömberg, CEO at Qvicket, Andrew Knowlton, Deputy Editor at Bon Appétit, Danielle Gould, Founder and CEO at Food+Tech Connect, Marcus Samuelsson, Award-winning Chef, and Björn Öste, Co-Founder of Oatly.


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