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Recognize the Benefits of Diversity
Having more women assume corporate leadership can positively impact the economy in more ways than one. Beyond improving performance substantially, it also represents a higher inclusion rate and diversity throughout the workforce.

“It makes no sense that women outnumber men in university attendance, yet remain underrepresented in corporate leadership. According to our research report Gender-Lens Wealth, companies that best harness women’s knowledge, skills, and perspectives stand to outperform their competitors. This edge can produce an even more profound effect on global growth.”

—Laura Kane, Executive Director, Head of Investment Themes Americas at UBS Wealth Management



Develop an Inclusive Culture
To create a sustainable yet collaborative inclusive culture pertaining to recruitment; performance management; succession planning; and talent development, the CEO must lead as an agent of change.

“I believe ‘acknowledgement’ is the catalyst for inclusion and diversity. In Corporate America, acknowledgement is often reserved for people who occupy specific jobs or meet some pre-defined criteria. If you find ways to recognize everyone in the organization, you can gain real value from the unique contributions of each employee.”

—Felicia Guity, General Manager of Education Industry Channel Management at Microsoft



Implement Mentor Programs
Executive forums and mentorship programs are effective at facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange. This allows leaders to serve as mentors and offer advice to women seeking for leadership roles.

”Mentor programs are excellent for building your personal network of business leaders. Capitalize on a mentor program like SACCNY’s, be active and get leverage from the wealth of contacts. Stay curious, share and collaborate. Most importantly, be open about your ambitions so you can find the right support.”

—Katja Severin Danielsson, Partner at PwC



Create Business Networks
A solid business network is paramount to enriching women’s professional growth toward leadership. In addition to building engaging dialog among female executives, it creates a forum that centers on individual successes as well as the group’s.

“Women’s networks are greatly invaluable. To anybody who has the power to help, I would say seize the chance. Channel your experience, distinguished position and connections into empowering one another. We need more women in leadership positions—take the lead and make it happen.”

—Lisa Laskaridis, Board member and former President of SWEA New York




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