SACCNY is the largest and most active Swedish Chamber, both in the USA and internationally. Established in 1906 with a mission to support Swedish-American business relations and Swedish companies establishing and expanding on to the American market. SACCNY acts as an indispensable support organization for both larger established corporates, and in the facilitation of internationalizing emerging growth companies.

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In 1974, a small group of Swedish entrepreneurs started exploring ways to improve shooting accuracy. Their goal was simple but ambitious – to create a sighting technology that would allow shooters to acquire their target quickly and that it would function in all weather and lighting conditions. Little did they know at the time that their invention would revolutionize the shooting and hunting industry. The Aimpoint® red dot sight has continued to evolve over the past 40 years and is now recognized as the fastest, most rugged, and most efficient electronic small arms sighting system in the world.

Aimpoint has grown significantly over the years.  In addition to a firm position in the civilian sporting goods sector, the company is now also a top supplier to law enforcement agencies and military organizations throughout the free world. The company’s latest product, the FCS13RE Electronic Fire Control System, has recently been chosen by the US Military for use on the M3-E1 Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle, produced by SAAB Dynamics.

Aimpoint Inc is the USA subsidiary of Aimpoint AB, which in turn is owned by Sandberg Development. The US company is based in Manassas, VA and the parent organization is based in Malmö, Sweden.

Brian Lisankie, President


Born and raised at Sweden’s southernmost tip in a small beach town, the love for design and creativity has always had a big part in my life. It was the desire to design that took me to New York and FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduating and working as a Graphic Designer in NY, I have spent the last years working with my brothers at our family company, GlasLindberg in Sweden.

The idea for Gold & Bumble is built on years of passion for handmade / custom made jewelry. Handmade jewelry is a piece of art. As each piece is made by hand no piece is identical to the other, giving every jewelry a unique look and character.

Gold & Bumble represents leading Scandinavian jewelry designers that offers handmade jewelry. What sets us apart from others is that we offer our customers a concierge service where they receive a personalized and elite service experience. This service will allow customers to receive unique pieces while also allowing them to make personal changes to the jewelry, making them truly

To further our concierge service in 2020 we will work alongside an antique store / gallery to offer customers the opportunity to come and try samples of the jewelry and to have private consultations. The creative, never-ending pulse along with the feeling for high fashion makes New York the obvious choice for Gold & Bumble to establish itself in.

Charlotta Sveger, Owner


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