New York, March 26, 2020

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York (SACCNY) is honored to announce the appointment of Ms. Maria Tufvesson Shuck as Chair of its Board of Directors. SACCNY is further very proud to appoint its first female Chair.

“I am deeply honored and very excited to serve SACCNY as its new Board Chair, and I would like to thank Karl Wellner for his thoughtful and progressive stewardship as Chair over the past three years. I firmly believe that SACCNY’s role as a real community, serving Swedish and American business interests, has never been more important than in today’s technology-driven world. During the course of my career, I have worked with many of SACCNY’s member companies, and I look forward to continuing those relationships, also on behalf of SACCNY. “

Maria Tufvesson Shuck

Partner at Mannheimer Swartling Law Firm and Chair of the Board

Ms. Tufvesson Shuck comes with an impressive academic background, educated in both Sweden and the United States with Law Degrees from the distinguished Lund University and Harvard Law School, respectively. Today, Ms. Tufvesson Shuck serves as a well-respected and sought after New York-based attorney with the U.S. chapter of Sweden’s prestigious law firm, Mannheimer Swartling.
 Ms. Tufvesson Shuck has served as a long time Director of SACCNY’s Executive Committee, providing sage support and guidance and has been instrumental in driving forward SACCNY’s numerous initiatives in support of the Swedish-American business community. Her expertise in providing legal advice to businesses in both Sweden and the United States makes her an ideal choice for this vital leadership position with the Chamber. The decision to nominate Ms. Tufvesson Shuck was both unanimously put forward by the Nominating Committee, as well as unequivocally ratified by the Board of Directors.

“It gives me great pleasure to hand over the reins of SACCNY to Maria Tufvesson Shuck, who becomes the first female Chair in the Chamber’s 114-year history. Maria is the right person to continue leading the Chamber in today’s fast-changing business environment. Maria’s legal practice in both Sweden and the United States gives her a vast network of contacts in the Swedish and American business communities. She worked closely with me as a member of the Executive Committee where her wise counsel was greatly appreciated.”

Karl Wellner

Chair of Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management and Former Chair of SACCNY

“I am thrilled at the prospect of working closely with Maria, leading SACCNY forward, as we continue to build a model for twenty-first-century international chambers of commerce. Maria brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, along with boundless forward-thinking energy. I am equally proud of our organization for supporting the appointment of its first female Chair of the Board as this only serves to underscore the progressive nature of the chamber and the work we do.”

Anna Throne-Holst

President, SACCNY

After enthusiastically serving three well-appreciated years as Chair of the Board, Mr. Wellner has decided to step down. His highly successful tenure led the Chamber to take bold steps into the twenty-first century. Under new leadership, the Board of Directors is confident that the Chamber will continue this forward-looking direction.


Anna Throne-Holst
President, SACCNY
Yasmina Backström
Head of Communications & Impact Track, SACCNY