Hästens Dream Team Director,

At Hästens we support the most interesting people in the world to live their best life by finding the right instrument for them to maximize their sleep and rejuvenation.

We are very proud to serve business leaders, artists, athletes, politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs to get the most out of every second that they are awake.

“The Sleep Spa’, with its flagship location on Madison Avenue on the UES and with locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, is the best performing Hästens dealership not only in the U.S. but also in the world for the last 10+ years.

We are seeking magical people to join our Hästens family of the well-rested. In our team that we consider an “All Swedish All Star Team”, we have the Swedish Champion of Wakeboarding, one of the leading art consultants from Bukowski, a team member that previously worked at the World Bank as part of our driven team that can’t think of something more exciting than sharing their passion for sleep with everyone they meet.

We are expanding rapidly across the U.S. and we have a number of roles to fill so we look forward to hearing from you to explore if we share the same values and positive perspective of life and health.