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Your Vision is our Mission

If you are a promising startup, excelling scaleup or a flourishing corporation breaking new ground in the US or simply looking to expand your presence on the New York tri-state area, Gateway is the platform that will facilitate your success. Gateway is an innovation platform created and run by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York. We also offer programming and services which are co-developed with high-performance industry experts and innovation consultants. Our mission is to support your organization’s vision for the US market – be it to establish, grow or accelerate your business – and make it reality.


New York, New York

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Gateway puts Swedish businesses mere steps away from the most influential companies and investors in America. New York is widely recognized as the financial capital of the world and many multinational corporations have representation in the city. What is perhaps less known is the New York’s thriving tech- and startup scene. Venture capital is flowing into the city along with new talent and investors. Join Gateway to excel Your business in this inspiring environment and discover what opportunities New York holds for You and Your company.




Get out what You put in

The Gateway community consists of members who use the platform as their daily office, those who come in occasionally for work or meetings, and those who simply pop in to catch an event or mingle. You will find a mix of exceptional entrepreneurs, seasoned business executives, investors, innovators and other talents, some of whom will have called New York home for many years and others who will have arrived fresh out of the airport. Our members are characterized by a desire to share their know-how, experience and connect with others, while also contributing to shaping Gateway into the best possible environment for Swedish businesses to thrive in New York.


Services, Programs and Events

The Gateway services include events and programs designed to assist Swedish entrepreneurs and scaleups orient themselves on the US market and make significant connections, such as acceleration programs, client meetings, business match-making etc. Together with Giant Innovation, Gateway offers services designed to suit both large and small corporations such as innovation master classes, innovation labs and hackathons. SACCNY, together with selected professional partners, also offer back office services, legal counsel and financial services.

In addition, there are range of reoccurring events such as speaker breakfasts, thought leaders’ sessions and professional workshops open to all members. If You or Your company are interested in holding an event at Gateway don’t hesitate to get in touch with our events team. In addition services, Gateway also offers high-end work, office, conferencing and event facilities – designed by a renowned and awarded Swedish interior designer and equipped with the latest technology.




We are here to help your business thrive. Read more about our memberships and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Read more about our memberships. We have different memberships to fit your needs.



Gateway offers a range of services to assist its members’ businesses to accelerate, such as:

  • Backoffice Services including bookkeeping, insurance, banking and mail forwarding
  • Legal partners & advice
  • Assistance setting up a US Business entity
  • Business Matchmaking
  • Coaching and guidance on the US market
  • Partner searches & attracting investments
  • Communication, Marketing & PR services
  • Visibility on social media & website


The thriving community at Gateway centers around prominent events and programming including:

  • Acceleration programs
  • Mentorship programs
  • Thoughtleader sessions
  • Innovation labs
  • Hackathons
  • Innovation roundtables
  • Business delegation trips
  • Digital safaris
  • Seminars and workshops on contemporary topics
  • Young professionals events
  • Conferences


Gateway holds an approximately 20,000 sqft large venue on the 29th floor in Midtown Manhattan, offering access to:

  • Open work area with private and communal desks
  • Private studios
  • Exclusive board room
  • High-end conference rooms
  • Intimate meeting rooms
  • Event and social areas
  • Cafeteria
  • Fully-equipped gym



Resident memberships are for those who are using Gateway as their primary work space and require either a private desk or a studio. All resident memberships include 24/7 access to the office, gym, meeting rooms. Members are also granted complimentary conference and meeting room credits and free attendance to most SACCNY and Gateway events.


  • Dedicated desk ($790/mo): A private desk with a personal locker
  • Small studio ($3,370/mo): Private office seating 1-3
  • Medium studio ($4,950/mo): Private office seating 4-5
  • Large studio ($6,530/mo): Private office seating up to 7


Non-resident memberships are for those with an irregular or occasional need for a workspace or whose primary interest is the Gateway community, programming and events.

Flex ($490/mo): For those who will be in and out of Gateway and do not have the need for a permanent desk.

Knowledge ($190/mo): For members interested in the Gateway community and programming events. It includes most programming events for free and the opportunity to work at Gateway a few times a month. It is a non-personal membership and corporations may buy bundles of them (5, 10, 15, 20 – bundles offer a 10% discount).


Contact Yvette Englund, Gateway Manager


The creation of Gateway was made possible by generous investments of numerous corporate partners. The partners hold a special place at the Chamber and Gateway. If you are interested in in becoming a partner and be visible at Gateway, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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Your Business’ home-away-from-home.

Starting a business in the United States is a challenge. You need the right connections, partners, and know-how to successfully penetrate one of the world’s largest markets and you’re going to need help while doing it.

That’s where we come in. SACCNY has vast experience of assisting Swedish companies and connecting them with US partners, making us well-positioned to help your company succeed in New York City. With our latest initiative, we are ready to take the next step and go beyond what’s expected. We are ready to offer you: Gateway – Your Business’ home-away-from-home.

Gateway is designed for Swedish ventures to comfortably launch, maintain or expand their presence in the New York tri-state area. The platform will be the ultimate venue for Swedish companies with a need for permanent, regular or occasional office and meeting facilities in New York City. Our aim is to lower the barriers for Swedish firms to conduct businesses in the New York area, regardless of size and maturity. Young firms about to launch in the US are equally as welcome as global corporations in need of a meeting or representation venue in Manhattan.


Where it all began…

In 1906, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York (SACCNY) opened up its doors as the first Swedish Chamber outside of Sweden. Since, it has developed into becoming the largest and most successful Swedish Chamber, with hundreds of business expansions to its name. In 2017, SACCNY re-evaluated what it meant to be a Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, and what it meant to be a Chamber in the 21st Century.

The conclusion: We want to do more.

We love Sweden, We love USA.

Recent macro developments are trying to close-off the world. We want to open it wider. Sweden, and Swedes are remarkable in so many ways. The US and Americans are powerful, trailblazing and leading in so many others. We believe that in connecting people, companies and countries, we can work as a positive force in making the world more accessible.

We want to open the gate into the US market and encourage more companies to take the leap over the great pond, just like millions (yes, millions) of Swedes have done before us. We want Sweden to go global, and to spur US interest in Sweden.

To that end, we present Gateway.

Gateway is an international collaborative workspace, but it offers more than just meeting and office facilities. It is a place for builders to meet, network and grow — a place where ideas and businesses can thrive, a hub where Business Executives, Academia and prolific entrepreneurs can meet and exchange ideas, business know-how and contacts.

We believe in collaborations, we believe that sharing is caring, we believe in introductions, meetings, partnerships, making new friends, strong coffee and with the creation of the right ecosystem that we now have done more.

Welcome to Gateway.

more than just a regular workplace.

a place for innovators to meet, network and grow.

Location: 900 3rd Ave, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10022

big meets small

Members of Gateway not only benefit from the Chamber’s extensive network, expertise and services of SACCNY, but also from the community of high-profile firms utilizing the venue. It is a center where big meets small, established meets new arrivals, and experience meets cutting-edge. Gateway is your gateway to the American market.

Providing you over a century of experience

SACCNY has over 112 years of experience in assisting Swedish Businesses in the US and promoting international trade, we have the right connections and know-how to help you get the best possible start on your journey in New York City.

We also know that you will need help with the essentials when getting here. Our Business services can provide you with first-class services such as business matchmaking with American counterparts or possible clients, financial reporting, bookkeeping and registration in the US. You can read more about our business services and business support office below.

Moving to New York is cool.

Succeeding in New York is cooler.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Gateway puts Swedish businesses mere steps away from the most influential companies and investors in America.

New York is the acknowledged capital of finance, fashion, advertising and business and has the fastest growing tech ecosystem in the world while housing 5 percent of the world’s venture capital, making it the new hotspot for thriving startups. On top of that it is home to the largest global corporations and headquarters worldwide political decision making while being an unparalleled cultural magnet, home of skyscrapers, theaters and museums.

If you need a place to work, meet, learn or grow; Gateway is tailored for you. Take the leap and expand your company to the US with the help of Gateway, your stepping stone in the Big Apple.



We offer you a 18,279 square feet locale situated on the 29th floor in Midtown East, Manhattan. The office space holds numerous dedicated desks, private offices, meeting- and conference facilities, event space and a private, fully-equipped gym.


You are going to need to have a razor focus on building your company here in one of the toughest cities in the world – let us help you with the rest. SACCNY offers a widespread range of services, including back-office support, connection to legal counsel, communication channels and matchmaking services to make your business expansion successful.


Gateway is a state-of-the-art professional platform built on a community culture based on a “give and take”-perspective where big and small companies can meet and connect. Gateway is not a co-working space for startups seeking funding, it is a professional hub and breeding ground for sparking new innovative ideas.


The purpose of Gateway is to spur innovation and to increase Swedish competitiveness. We will offer you Innovation Labs and Roundtables , Hackathons, Business Delegation trips, Digital Safaris and over 40 events annually including high-profile guest speakers and valuable workshops.

The culture. The community. Together. Gateway.


A mentality of sharing and reciprocal benefits.

Gateway exists to bring together Swedish and American companies over industries and sectors to initiate new partnerships and mutually beneficial collaborations through a physical platform and an array of dynamic acceleration programs. Powered by a community comprised of some of the world’s largest businesses and inspired by creative innovators from Sweden, Gateway provides a platform supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to success in the United States. We believe in the people behind the businesses and in creating relationships. That is why we have made it our mission to start a community – a culture of innovation and business.

The combination of private offices, open co-working space, conference rooms, and large social areas, allows for seamless transitions between business and networking. The layout is designed to meet the many professional needs of SACCNY’s current and future members – to work, collaborate, entertain, conference and network.


Non-resident Membership

Join us for events, networking opportunities and use the common work facilities, gym, licensed desks and amenities at your own convenience.


Resident Membership

Have your own desk or studio at Gateway. Benefit from our events and community opportunities, meeting rooms, gym and additional amenities.


Conferencing Facilities

Use our fully equipped conference rooms, board room or venues for your meetings or events.



licensed DESKS

With a licensed desk, you will have full access to the flex desk area, social areas, meeting rooms, programming and private gym. Access is restricted to availability.



For our resident members we offer private studios with lockable doors. Each studio seats 3 -7 employees and comes with 24/7 access to the facilities.


Our dedicated desks include a permanent desk with storage and availability to install private screens. You will also enjoy 24/7 access to the facilities.


Housing multiple conference rooms and a large event space overlooking Central Park and the heart of Manhattan, our space serves as a showroom for current and high profile meetings and events.

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