Businesses have endless opportunities for creating a positive impact – our role is to make sure they know it.

As the deadline for the United Nations 2030 Agenda draws closer, Sweden has fast-tracked itself as a leader in implementing innovative changes to advance environmental and social impact. In a time where we are battling the clock against climate change, SACCNY believes that businesses have a big role to play. Impact Track 2020 ramps up the Chamber’s sustainability efforts and brings Swedish innovation to one of the foremost financial capital of the world – New York City.

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, New York is taking its Impact Track series to the next level by combining Impact Track events with a new series of Sustainability Leadership Summits. In combination with Impact Track evening networking events and panel discussions, this includes deep-dive, half-day workshops, sustainability and impact forums, business matchmaking and beyond, with an aim that these experiences will create meaningful impressions on key industry influencers and translate into action.

The plan is to focus on creating high-level, concrete and useful knowledge-sharing for impact. Impact Track 2020 has made a strategic decision to dive into three major environmental pollutants and industries: Transportation, Fashion and Food. Each major focus touches on several United Nations Sustainability Development Goals galvanizing change in the private sector and leveraging business´ power to change patterns and  “be a part of closing the loop”.Each Impact Track focus includes two steps. First is Add-skilling through a Sustainable Leadership Summit. These summits will feature guest speakers and more notably, be moderated by Anna Skarborg, former Sustainability Director of Axel Johnson Inc, USA, and is currently head of the highly impactful Novare Sustainable Business program in collaboration with The World Economic Forum. This first step then leads to the second step, Exchange through an Impact Track Forum. Held at SACCNY’s collaborative innovation platform, Gateway, key industry-players, innovators, academics and investors gather to present and discuss sustainable governance and future strategies.

The 2020 edition of Impact Track welcomes a growing roster of international change-makers including UBS, The Consulate General of Sweden in New York, Volvo Cars USA and The Swedish Villa, as well as John Nevado, Advisor at Align17, Sophie Stenbeck, Founding Partner at Max Ventures, Anna Ryott, Chair of Summa Equity, Lisa Lindström, CEO of Doberman, Anna Skarborg, Founder of Spring Street Advisor, Katarina Strandberg, CEO and Co-Founder, and Leila Falkenberg, CCO and Co-Founder at The Swedish Villa. The first step in fast-tracking impact is finding a voice. Impact Track 2020 will continue to expand its already established network of high-level impact ambassadors.

Impact Track 2020 launches a new community of sustainability leaders between Sweden and the USA. Get involved today and contact the Head of Impact Track, Yasmina Backström, at


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