SACCNY’s Anna Throne-Holst and Johannes Jarl introduced GatewayUSA

SACCNY´s President Anna-Throne Holst and Business Services Manager Johannes Jarl attended Serendipity Challenge Summit in Stockholm on March 27. During the annual entrepreneurship competition–promoting Sweden’s most prominent startup and growth companies, discussing entrepreneurship, innovation and future technologies–SACCNY got the opportunity to speak about the exciting project GatewayUSA.

Anna Throne Holst introduced the audience to Chamber´s recent brainchild GatewayUSA as the ultimate platform–as a remark and necessity for the Chamber in the 21st century–to facilitate the movement of Swedish companies to New York. With a history of promoting and facilitating trade and business between Sweden and the U.S. for 112 years, Throne-Holst stated that the Chamber is ready to take the next step; that is GatewayUSA.

“I must ask you if you have ever considered, are considering or will consider moving your company and tap into the U.S. market? If you knew there were 13 persons ready to help you, with extensive knowledge about the marketlike me; with experience of operating businesses and working within politics in the U.S since 1976–then would you think differently?”

Johannes Jarl continued: “the one and only purpose of GatewayUSA is to lower the threshold during the expansion phase for both startups and well-established enterprises, to make matchmaking possible between this type of companies, as well as to give small companies the access they need to the U.S. market”.

These invaluable services that the Chamber will offer at GatewayUSA will be realized within the 19.000 square feet large office in the heart of midtown Manhattan, comprised of private offices, dedicated- and hot desks, event spaces, private gym and is mostly financed by Swedish businesses. They concluded by welcoming Serendipity’s participants to New York and encouraging them to capitalize on SACCNY´s unique business platform, facilitating the leap across the Atlantic.


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